The New Guy

Hello everyone, I'm the New Guy at the War College.

After being hounded by PP for some time now, I've finally relented and decided to add to the SDWC content. My initial intent is to provide some very basic 101-level classes on various media issues. It's not intended to provide a comprehensive study of the subject, but rather a beginning primer for a potential candidate or budding activist.

If you have a subject you'd like covered or need help with something, I'll try my best to answer or find the answers for you.

My thoughts on initial post subjects are:
-writing a press release
-basic photography
-writing a letter to the editor
-media relations

Post a comment with any suggestions you might have for subjects. Thanks!



Anonymous said…
Maybe a basic run down of some rules about campaign finance issues at the state level. This might be complicated, but there are probably some basics that people should know to get started.
Anonymous said…
Welcome Fletch, how about letters to the editor. I always read those and think readers have more sense than the editors themselves.
Anonymous said…
I get the complete opposite from most letters to the editor - Seems to me like it's crackpots and kooks that write those. Is there any way to measure the effect they have? Do people actually read those and form opinions based on them?
Bob Newland said…
How 'bout something sensible on medical cannabis use?

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