Hello.... HELLO? I don't think anyone's listening..

Okay, I admit it. I'm a little put off by the non-attention.

I had sent a couple e-mails out the other day, one to South Dakota 123 and another to South Dakota Politics about the existence of my little weblog. You know, just a little "here I am." The sole comment I had gotten has energized me into putting some effort into this.

And then nothing. Nada. Zip (you get the picture).

Is it my poor writing skills? I'm not THAT bad. Is it the fact that I really haven't said anything really nasty? At least not yet. Just wait. I can be as obtuse as the best of them. Just get me going on a rant.

It's a lot like why people get into politics. Because they have something to say. Okay, I'm here to say something about the process, because at the end of the day, campaigns are not won on beliefs. They are won based on who ran the better campaign. That's really the whole point of my little corner of dialogue.

Thune lost against Johnson the first time, because Johnson supposedly had the best run campaign in the nation that year. And Thune won this last year, because HE had one of the best run operations around this time out, and Daschle's was not as good. (just my opinion, at least).

I actually respect a few people that I've been philosophically opposed to, because I respect when they do smart things. If a person is unwilling to learn from their mistakes and take the lesson, they're going to keep losing, because after that, everyone has their number.

So, when you put away all the bluster, winning campaigns are all about organization and tactics. Scary thought, huh?


Anonymous said…
Give it time. It takes people a while to notice new blogs. Your subject is pretty specific, so I don't think people will ignore it.

SDP is a pretty worthless blog, so don't feel bad.

People read blogs less in the summer.

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