KCCR News reporting that President Pro Tempore Bob Gray finalizing committee assignments

KCCR News is reporting that Senator Bob Gray is finalizing committee assignments. Where do things sit?
One reason for the delay in releasing the assignments was the uncertainly over Flandreau Democrat Dan Sutton, who has been accused of groping a male page. There had been talk that Sutton might resign, but that hasn’t happen. Sutton, who had four committee assignments last session including State Affairs, is only on two this year – Agriculture and Retirement Laws.

Gray says that decision was made after input by others – including Democratic leaders.

Among the chairmen for some of the more notable committees are Assistant Majority Leader Tom Dempster of Sioux Falls, State Affairs, Ed Olson, Mitchell, Education, Gene Abdallah, Judiciary and Jason Gant, Sioux Falls, Government Operations and Audit. Gray will chair the Legislative Procedure Committee and will be vice chairman of both the State Affairs and Commerce Committees.
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Anonymous said…
If I'm not mistaken, Gray is holds the position of President Pro-Tem, not Majority Leader...
PP said…
Doh! That's what I get for writing in a hurry.
Anonymous said…
Act One. The curtains open. A state senator steps forward, stage left.

A hush falls over the audience.

then, the Senator speaks. "Mr. Sutton, ignoring for a moment what happened or didnt happen AFTER you got in bed with a page, do you admit that you crawled in bed with a page?"

All eyes turn to Senator sutton.


Act Two.

The curtain is drawn. The audience rises to leave. What a play! Who wrote this masterpiece?

Hey, get me an agent, show me the money!
Anonymous said…
Seriously, does it matter if they shared a very large california king bed? Its not like they were cuddled up in a twin. Give me a break. Who hasn't at one point or another slept next to a friend?

To me it doesnt matter if they shared a bed. However, it does matter if any groping took place.
Anonymous said…
Not to diminish KCCR's reporting, but the papers that use Bob Mercer's reporting (Watertown, Aberdeen, Mitchell, Pierre, Spearfish) had this a week ago on the Friday afternoon before Christmas.
Anonymous said…
This is pretty obvious and weird in the committee selections, I don't think there's been a senator before in history that sat on only one regularly scheduled committee (ag).
Anonymous said…
2:10 It was not a king sized bed in Sutton's motel room.
Anonymous said…
1:37- was it a twin?

And, how do you know? Are you Austin or Dan? Or, hotel management? Or did you get this information from the hotel manager?

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