southdakotamac's other 4 people to watch

Take a minute to read southdakotamac's other 4 people to watch in South Dakota politics:
2.) State Senator Michael Jackson

Following the Senate's ouster of Senator Sutton, Governor Mike Rounds shall appoint former King of Pop Michael Jackson to his seat (This is clearly prior to the Monkeybot uprising). Senator Jackson will prove to be a shrewd Senator and will rise to the top of the South Dakota totem pole. Senator Jackson takes over the Senate page program, as they are all too old for him. Senator Jackson repeals the tax on plastic surgery, and becomes a key ally to Governor Zippo.
Read it all here.

I can't top that one. Just beware the "monkeybot overlords."


Let's Lose the Loonies said…
Considering some of the other legislators at Pierre, I'm not sure that Michael Jackson would be too much out of place.

If he would declare himself to be anti-abortion, he should fit right in with some of the other lunatics.

He could teach Hunt more about creative financing, Kloucek could learn how to moon walk in his rumpled pants, and Napoli could learn what rape is really all about!

Of course South Dakota would get some more negative national publicity, but we're getting used to that.
Anonymous said…
This post is disgraceful. I'd think you could find better things to post on your site. I used to think this was a credible blog site. I retract that thought completly. Shame on you! The Dan Sutton-Wiese situation is a very sad situation on many fronts and you should be more respectful to all involved pp. You really didn't have to post this on your site!
Anonymous said…
PP- this is really low. You should be ashamed. Are you working for the Argus? You always complain about them and their one-sided reports and statements. I wonder if we shouldnt really be looking at a Pat Powers-Argus Leader comparison.
PP said…
If you can't bring yourself to go to the website, it is a humor website that often gets biting and very political. (regardless of party)

Considering that the first person to watch is:

1.) Zippo: Leader of our new Monkeybot Overlords

Zippo is a fun loving sort, the kind of leader that you may want to have a beer with (or possibly hurl feces with). Implanted with some kind of superior brain chip thing (implanted by scientists deep within the Homestake mine/mad laboratory) Zippo will lead the Monkeybot uprising and take over the 2007 South Dakota legislative session.

there's some people taking things far too seriously.
Anonymous said…
Unbeknownst to all of us, the Monkeybot uprising has already taken place.

Look at all of the monkeybots we have in the legislature. And Governor Zippo has been in office since 2003, and was just reelected. Who wouldn't drink a beer with Governor Zippo?

What we don't know yet is the pseudo-identity of Senator Jackson. He's still in disguise among the members of the legislature, but will soon be revealed.
Anonymous said…
I just think you are better than this. It is not a FUNNY SITUATION AT ALL!!!!!!! You have been watching the posts to this site all along since the Sutton Wiese thing broke and you know how high emotions run with this entire event. This post was uncalled for and you know it. I for one don't find any humor in anything about any of this!! You are talking about real people with real families, and you are out of line here, period!!
Anonymous said…
You could have picked another story from that site to get people to go there if you think it's so damn funny. I just find it unprofessional that you picked that one pertaining to Dan!! And NO I will NOT visit the site if that's the kind of garbage that they think is so hilarious...I for one am above that and will find my humor elsewhere! They don't deserve my hit on their site...thank you very much!!!
Anonymous said…
come on people take a joke as a joke, tis really more about Michael Jackson than Dan

Good Work SouthDakotaMac
Anonymous said…
It's really crappy to put someone who was accussed of molesting little boys in the same group as a senator accused of groping a legal adult!
Anonymous said…
I once said in a post that I had tremendous respect for you PP, but you have crossed a line. This post is disgraceful and totally unf***ing called for. You went below the belts of alot of people and I really hope that you would follow your own oppinions and you said that you deleted stuff and that you are hell bent on diligently keeping this site clean. But guess what you do, you go and put this sh** on this site. Now I will say that you went below my belt and you hit a little hotspot here, but this affair could hurt a LOT of people, because for people like yourself who don't know the WHOLE story there are a lot of skeletons in the closet of one of the families in this dilema. So follow your own advice and don't let people put their garbage posts on this site, but alos don't be an f***ing hyppocrite and take your own advice. I sincerely hope that I can still keep the respect that I had for you. Put up the good posts and try to run your site better. Thank you for the work that you do, but PLEASE keep it clean.
Anonymous said…
8:15 am - If you want to "keep things clean," how about following your own advice? Even with astericks inserted, your use of profanity is obvious. Your point could have been made without it, and it would have had more impact that way too.
Anonymous said…

Firstly I want you to put yourself in my shoes. This situation has ripped apart your family, your freinds, and your communtity. Everyday I go to a place (can't be mentioned at this point, but you can probably infer what it is) and get to see these people and everyday there is about 10 people that want to fight each other because of the comments that are made about this situation. So before you start to rip me, and I appologize if my profanity was too strong and offended you, but the best way to for me to vent without wanting to do something durastict, I need the feeling that I can vent safely and with out prosectution. So look at it from my spot and then we talk and see eye to eye.

anon 8:15
Anonymous said…
Would you PLEASE put your posts in a WORD DOCUMENT and SPELL CHECK them!! It makes you less credible when you post things like freinds...spell check friends, appologize..spell check apologize...durastict...spell check drastic and prosectution...spell check prosecution...geez you must go to Flandreau Public (hehe) Oh...and make sure you be the bouncer and keep the 10 people from fighting each other...unbelievable.

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