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Welcome South Dakota Watersheds, Nathan Schock at Fresh Glue, Marvin's Laurent Blog, The revolution starts now, and Trampling Rose. (And what is trampling? That's a new deviant practice on me... Not ON me, I've just never heard of it before.)

I'm giving these sites a tryout in the RSS feeds, and if they are worthwhile, I'll add them to the links on the left. (I'm starting to be picky). If I could ever get RadioActive Chief's feed to validate with my software, life would be so much easier.

Know of one I'm not indexing? If they are related to SD, I'll include them. I'm trying to avoid high school blogs, etc., unless they have some broad general appeal. There's a few others out there, but posting is so spotty it's not worth the effort.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link! I suspect that we're on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but I appreciate your taking the time to come and check my site out. Do you link only blogs that deal with SD in general, or are you more politically based? Just curious. Thanks again for stopping by!
Anonymous said…
Thanks from SD Watersheds too. (I think a younger, hipper blogger would say something about a shout-out, but that's not my demographic cohort.) I appreciate the reach of your blog linkage. It shows the breadth and depth of life in SD.

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