Hey, Maka Duta!

Under a previous post, under comments, there had been a little discussion where Maka Duta’s name was invoked by Jack, one of the SDWC readers (I think in response to a prior post I did invoking her name). This was back on 11/1.

Well, today I was checking comments, and what should appear in my comment box, but a reply to that comment from the lady herself, Becky Red Earth Villeda, a.k.a., Maka Duta.

Maka Duta disagreed with a few of the characterizations, and in the interest of fairness, I wanted to give her the opportunity to speak her piece. From the comments without changing one word, Maka Duta:

Everyone wants to be so intelligent and knowledgable of all subject matters and yet noone (As far as I can see) has bothered to check the "FACTS" of the matter where I am concerned. First, the case was dismissed because as the SD Attorney general (Mark Barnett) stated in court "Your Honor, the Handwriting Expert witness said they were signed by the plaintiffs and not Maka Duta!" When he tells us that he shot us out of the saddle, so your Honor, I move to dismiss as I do not want to waste the courts time, or Maka Duta's time!" So Moved says the Honorable Judge.

Now I was the number #1 story for the year of 2002 on all stations and on a National Level, quite honestly, I was charged, tried, and found guilty by the media even before I was ever physically charged and in the end it was dismissed and today I read my name STILL being used in a Bad way, when in fact "I AM THE VICTIM AND IT STILL CONTINUES"

Stephanie H. was not my boss, but I worked with her as I worked with all the Democrat Candidates in campaigning out in the field for them and getting their literature out for them, even plywood signs on most of the reservations. Even though I worked with them and they knew I didn't do anything wrong, not one of them spoke up for me and all the work I had done for them which by the way, I did not get paid for. Instead, they distanced themselves from me because of what the media was saying and didn't bother to set the media straight. I am only one but the Power of One can be impactfull and depending on the way you use it. When I vote for someone, it will be someone using the Power of One and stating the truth even if it doesn't happen to be a public favorite which gained their recognition from unfounded lies and not in a good way. The only one who said something in the light of truth and not necessarily standing up for me was "Tom Daschle", Thank you Tom Daschle.

From Oct. 9, 2002 to date, things that have been changed because of things I had suppossedly done and even after the dismissal, has not been corrected.

A new law as to the registering of native americans which makes it even harder for them to register and lets face it, no money to buy another I.D. card, and without that you can not register. Next would be the transportation needed to get them to register and vote. It just isn't fair, but throughout history of our people, this is an ongoing established recorded way in which our people have been dealt with. Can't put no spin on history unless of course, someone wants to rewrite it and tone the truth down.

All I'm saying is #1 Before you start engaging your mouth (keyboard in this case) PLEASE check out the FACTS for every word you type because you can hurt, help, retain, or destroy someone. #2 Vote for the truth and someone that can state the truth no matter what! IN REGARDS, TO 2002 ELECTIONS, I DIDN'T SEE ONE THAT WAS INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH, DEMOCRATE OR REPUBLICAN AND AT THE STATE LEVEL.

I leave you with this!

I should know what I'm talking about, for I AM.

MAKA DUTA - http://www.geocities.com/makaduta_1
Interesting stuff. Clearly, she's miffed at the Democrates.

But even more interesting, on the way back from Lunch this afternoon, I got two things stuck in my head. The e-mail from Maka Duta. And the insipid song “The Macarena.” Which had me chanting all the way back to the office - "Hey! Maka Duta!"

Now if she'd only tell us why she recently got banished.


Maka Duta said…
Hey PP:

You know, I make it a habit that if I am going to make a statement or make a stand and as always in a good way, I will definetly sign my name because "I own it", this is what my Ancestors have taught me. As for my Tribe, the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe specifically the Executive Committee (Seven People)they are not like that and its selected few. My point is, If you have something to say or write then you should sign your name thus making it real and not a ploy to play with someone or make trouble for someone or anyone for that matter, unless of course, it is the only way of holding him/her/them accountable for their acts and/or correcting things thus putting them back on the path they need to be, which is helping people especially the ones they have sworn to "Protect."

Thank you for "SORT OF ASKING" and yes, I'll take you up on some of that "Challenge" now because "Truth" is very important, but the rest will have to wait until the Honorable Federal Judge within Region Eight of the Federal Court System can hear and see my proof of their "Criminal Acts". Please refer to case number CIV. 05-4123 within the Sioux Falls, SD Federal Court Clerk of Courts Office.

I can say further that the Banishment is because I "Speak the Truth" and in our "Proper Public Forum" for our Tribe. Because of this I, Maka Duta or Becky Red Earth and others filed a complaint in the Federal Court System in Sioux Falls, SD last August, 2005. Immediatly thereafter the "Executive Committee of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe" (seven individuals)have partially banished me (I can live in my home but thats it, most direct route from my home off res. and same coming back. Can't visit my relatives on the reservation, Hence, you understand "Prisoner in my own home" and quite honestly "House Arrest!") The Illegal use of "Political Manuvers" which I will prove later are ongoing Criminal acts and attacks on me and by all of the Executive Committee but "I BELIEVE THEY WILL BE RESOLVED IN FEDERAL COURT AND ONLY THERE WILL THE DIFFERENCE BE MADE AND IN A GOOD WAY."

Now, instead of taking my presented documented "Facts" and using them to try to resolve our problems as was my intent and within my tribe and as always in the past, they chose to strip me of my 1. "Freedom of Speech" as guaranteed me within our Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribal Constitution and the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Not to mention my Civil Rights and Native American Civil Rights. AND 2. I am suffering drastically because of not receiving the proper medical attention that I again am entitled to because of their "Political and Criminal" acts. AND 3. I am not being able to take part in all Business Decisions which I have always done in the past and as has always been done by my ancestors in the past. I could go on but I will resist the opportunity at this point in time as it will be brought to light before the Honorable Federal Judge.

Again, in closing I would like to say one more thing, I did do quite a few interviews with a certain television station to try and get what truth out I could but they did not run them even when their were two past Tribal Council members one of which was a Chairman and who said outright "They meaning the Executive Committee are Persecuting and Harrassing Maka Duta because she speaks the truth and she is vocal at these meeting and this is what a
our meetings are for to discuss business and resolve problems!" I called repeatedly requesting to have them run and they wouldn't run them. One of the reporters attended my Oct. 7, 2005 hearing and spoke face to face with the prosecutor and he couldn't give any legal reasons for the banning but the reporter still refused to run all the interviews.

Remember, I said " People who don't want to have an association because of a reputation that was gained wrongfully and not to mention the fact that they were one of the main ones who gave me that unwarranted reputation making news when all along I was innocent". Further, I believe that the Tribe makes quite a few donations to these different individuals and organizations that they promote and/or sponsor and they do not want to lose that support. I can't help but believe these are the reasons, I always thought news was after the truth but I have had a new lesson on my lifes walk upon Mother Earth. It really boils down to Money, and who you know. This is why the only one left who can show me that what I believed throughout my life is the Federal Judge, he will be the only one that can do that, and basised upon the evidence " I WILL PRODUCE AT THE HEARING !" When the hearing date is set up, Watch these interviews I predict will be aired like as if they just happened and in regards to the case. I don't believe they will say they were taped back in August through October of 2005, Time will Tell.

One more thing, I do not have the money to pay for an attorney or even do the things that should be done normally by attorneys and in order to prepare for the case, but I do know the difference between right and wrong and with the Creators blessing, again I and others will be redemed. If someone is supposed to assist us legally, the Creator will put them in my path and I will be greatfull.

By the way, the Dakota Journal, "One of my businesses", is nothing but a personal playground for certain tribal members and by no means a vehicle for the people to voice their opinion when it comes to these things within our tribe. Believe me, I have and tried and all you hear is How good our Council is and how well we as a Tribe are doing, They couldn't be further from the truth. By the way, the Director of the Dakota Journal is the Tribal Chairmans Mother in Law.

Recently, Mark Allen, APPOINTED PRESIDENT Aided and Abetted while his wife LAUREEN (HERRICK) ALLEN, Assaulted a 12 year old boy (very petite build)and didn't even go to jail or have to make bond because of who she is (Did I mention their were six witnesses all saying the same thing). Anyone else would of gone through the system, but not them because "THEY ARE THE TRIBE, SO THEY THINK" but they are getting away with it because the victim and his family have no money for an attorney and the Sheriff, yeah, hes another story and for the judge to hear, although my focus is on the Executive Committee. These are the reasons I suffer but Again, the Creator sustains me because my shield is the truth which is what the Creator is about and he does protect those that atleast try to practice truth in their every day life.

This reservation is a land without laws except for those who are in a position to manipulate and abuse the laws and direct them towards ones who are trying to do the exact opposite which is upholding everything from ETHICS, PROFESSIONALISM, LAWS AND OUR CULTURE IN THE PROPER LITE.




Wakontonka Bless you all!

Pidamaya (All my Relative)

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