Much ado about Alice

Representative Alice McCoy has been a busy little legislator lately. Did you notice her letter to the editor in the Rapid City Journal this AM?
Letters to the editor, 12-6

December 6, 2005

Thank you, DOT

I need to thank the Department of Transportation for doing the best they can do for Lord of Life Lutheran Church and the residents of Copperfield. We are very pleased with how the entrance turned out. Sometimes just communicating with each other and working out an understanding of each other's issues is the right thing to do.

Again, thank you, DOT.

Is it just me, or am I just too cynical? Because I'm taking the statement "Sometimes just communicating with each other and working out an understanding of each other's issues is the right thing to do" as an overt campaign speech, in which she's trying to differentiate herself from her anticipated opponent, Senator Bill Napoli.

As you know, Bill is apt to... How shall we say it? He's apt to call something a duck if it's quacking and waddling.

If you recall, I had brought up the issue that a showdown was coming between those two, and that a fundraising letter had gone out. In the post, I was noting that I could have gotten a copy if I really wanted one, but it wasn't worth the effort at the moment.

Well today, my network of contacts dropped a copy of this letter in my lap. I was told this letter was all over the State Capitol building, so it was readily available for anyone who wanted to see it.

In the prior post on the topic, I made the comment that it reportedly said "Should I run for the State Senate? If you think so, please send me a donation." Well, you tell me if I was very far off the mark (click to enlarge):

More than anything, I'm struck a little speechless. I'm going to have to hang this on my wall as literally the worst fundraising letter I've ever seen in nearly eighteen years of political activism. Based on the content, I was almost expecting it to also request a donation in a Charly-esque way to help pay for some flowers for Algernon.

I'm hearing that this political battle is proceeding apace and will likely be the fiercest primary in the state. There was word floating around the Capitol about some polling already being conducted about the race in the Rapid City area, and there is a persistant rumor that won't die about a donor pumping $35,000 into the primary race against Senator Napoli.

THAT rumor is so outrageous, it can't be true.

Can it?

Got a hot tip on this race or any other? e-mail me here, because I want to hear it!


annonymous said…
The message has to fit the audience. This letter goes to people who actually elected Napoli.

It may be even a bit too slick, come to think of it. . .
Anonymous said…
Let us know if Adelstein gives her that $35,000.
Anonymous said…
Just to let you know, Alice McCoy never did take the money from Adelstein. She is a hard working Women from Rapid. The reason she put out that kind of letter to rasie money is because she felt that if the people really wanted her to keep really working for them. Then she didn't need money to try to win.
Anonymous said…
Bill Napoli is nothing but a jerk. You need to know the true facts not what you heard from so and so. I was a page during the 2005 session. Senator Napoli offer to take the Senator pages out to dinner the last night. Sounds wonderful right, well he never showed up. If he is going to do that to teenagers who have helped him out for 2 weeks. What will he pull on people who haven't done anything for him?? I'm a very strong Republican and I have never voted for him. Because of what he does. He has always said one thing then did something else. Sounds kinda like a flip floper if you ask me.

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