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I caught the story on the news last night that a wish recently granted by the make-a-wish foundation has caused the soon-to-be canceled series "Alias" to use the name of a South Dakota girl who visited the set in a character. From Todd Epp's and my brother's old employer KSFY:
Wednesday night's Alias episode on KSFY had South Dakota ties. The Alias character Rachael used the alias name Lydia Sand in the show. That's also the name of one of the show's biggest fans. 14-year old Sioux Falls teen Lydia Sand got to meet Jennifer Garner and the cast last month. The writers told her they liked her name and would use it in one of their episodes. Listen to how she got to see the set.

For the past five years, Lydia Sand has known she has the life-threatening disease cystic fibrosis. "This is my vest and it goes around me and it inflates with air and it shakes me for about half an hour, I do that twice a day to get the mucus out of my lungs and then I take about 25 pills to help with my digestion," Lydia says. While there is no cure the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Lydia and her parents a trip take her mind off of her illness.

Read it all here. I found that story pretty neat, as while many of us will rail on about some of the Hollywood types, we're all a little star struck. Who wouldn't want to be in pictures or involved with the process? The only problem is when people translate box office success into a soapbox for goofy and limited world views.

Going back to the whole star thing, there are many South Dakotans who are involved in the film and entertainment industry. Clicking here for a link to the IMDB website should get you a listing of many of the South Dakotans who appear in TV or Film.

And you'll find many of our political figures on that list. Browse through it, and you'll see James Abourezk, Tom Daschle, Joe Foss, Roy Houck, Hubert H. Humphrey, and George McGovern among others.

The story on the news was one thing that got me on this topic. The other thing was a phone call from State Senator Brock Greenfield that I received as I was traveling to Brookings last evening. I got snowed in at home last week, so I decided to make it a longer visit this weekend.

Brock called me about the time I was at Huron and asked me to tape CSI on CBS this evening for him. His sister who has been in Hollywood for a bit of time now acting as an extra in several television shows and movies has a slightly larger role as an extra tonight on CSI. Brock informs me that supposedly she will be filmed handcuffing somebody on the show.

It might not seem like much to many of you, but she's working in the film industry, and is getting her foot in the door for bigger parts. It was only a few months back when Brock was mentioning to me that she was part of a jury panel on Boston Legal. And she's had similar roles since. But this marks one of the first times that she's actively part of the scene.

Almost all of these parts as an extra are uncredited. But working hard and persevering will absolutely could lead to bigger and better things.

I was mentioning all of this to my wife and daughter last night, and the first thing my 13 year old daughter said was "Wow. I want to do that."

It may only be a non-speaking role, but she's already inspiring at least one young South Dakotan to follow in her path.

(And for those of you who are wondering, CSI is on Kelo at 8pm).


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