The Day in politics August 31

Glenski, Mary H. 8-31-1930
Duniphan, Jeanie P. 'J.P.' 8-31-1946
Cradduck, Rebekah A. 8-31-1953

It's time for the birthday club again. Today in politics, we have an "R", a "D" and a former "R" Legislator all celebrating birthdays.

Democratic House Member Mary Glenski celebrates a birthday today, as well as the only Republican woman in the Senate, J.P. Duniphan. They also share a Birthday with Rebekah Cradduck, who unusually was first appointed to a Senate term, and then once it was complete, dropped down and ran for the House.

Rebekah was defeated in 2004, but I always remember her as a real nice lady on the couple of occasions when I had spoken with her.

So, Happy Birthday from the SD War College to all three of you.


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