Do you comp blog reporters?

Had a note the other day from the Pierre Chamber of Commerce:
Luncheon with Representative Stephanie Herseth

Stephanie Herseth will be at the Chamber of Commerce Community Room on Thursday, September 1st, to talk about current issues going on in Washington and for the State of South Dakota. This event will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and will be $6.00. Please pre-register by calling the Chamber at 224-7361. This is great opportunity to express your thoughts, concerns, and opinions.
Six bucks!! Somebody must be getting rich off of this one.

All kidding aside, if I have time, I'll probably go just to see what I can see. Hopefully to get a picture of the Congresswoman and blog a little on the event.

If you're in the area, I would strongly encourage you to brave the tangle of road construction on Sioux Avenue in Pierre, and check it out. It's across the road from the Ramkota, and just a little down the block behind the discovery center.


Anonymous said…
Considering you give Ms. Herseth 2 (count them - two!) photos on your scrolling wheel of political photo fun - I am starting to think you have a bit of a crush on her.

And then there were those
"Stephanie as a cheerleader" photos that you seem so enamored of - what does that mean? Yes, I know, they made you laugh. ha ha ha- hmmmm.

WELL - if you asked me,it means the Republican party needs to get more woman elected. And not just bringing back the seasoned veterans,let's find some new blood people! This will at least mean that my husband has some other women he can post pictures of on his web blog.
Anonymous said…
The Mrs. should read the War College - 2 of the most influential GOP woman are Deb Peters and Shantel Krebs - ladies with great potential but perhaps not seasoned Vets.

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