Er, sorry Mrs. PP, but this one is too good not to use.

It's pretty dang funny. At literally the same moment I got this photo from DB, one of our very good Republicans in Davison County of Congresswoman Herseth at Dakotafest in 2004, my wife posts a comment in my post on Representative Herseth coming to town:
Considering you give Ms. Herseth 2 (count them - two!) photos on your scrolling wheel of political photo fun - I am starting to think you have a bit of a crush on her. And then there were those "Stephanie as a cheerleader" photos that you seem so enamored of - what does that mean? Yes, I know, they made you laugh. ha ha ha- hmmmm.
Read the little Mrs' comments here. And she does bring up a good point about the GOP needing to elect more women to office, not just the same ones.

Yes dear, I agree totally. Whatever you say. Just take care of my new TV in Brookings while I'm not there. (And the kids too.)


Hey, I didn't mean to cause any marital discord....

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