Hats off to the snow removal crews

I might have a tendency to grouse about City Governments lately. Or at least those being somewhat obtuse.

But I need to separate out those who perform the often thankless work for these entities. In this instance, I have to give a big SDWC hats off to the snow removal workers for the Cities, Counties and State.

This storm was not the worst we've seen, but it was bad. Yet these guys have been out there trying to keep things clear when it was obvious that it wasn't letting up. As I'm listening to Tony Mangan on KCCR this AM, it was noted that in Pierre, crews have been out since 1am making an attempt to clear the roads.

They're making a dent, but it's quite obvious that they have an all day job ahead of them (and then some).

Keep up the good work. It's very much appreciated.

(Now, back to our regularly scheduled politics.)


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