Good Gosh! Now that's a snowstorm.

I was a trooper this AM and got up early, worked my way out of the snowdrift to get to work, and promptly found out that work was cancelled for the AM.


It did give me some time to play catch up, because I didn't dare go home. I had no place to park.

The announcement was just made that work is called off for the rest of the day, so I did trek back home to figure out a parking place within a block or so. And I'm back at my computer sitting in the middle of the world's messiest desk.

Supposedly the winds are going to continue to howl here in Pierre at 60 mph for quite some time, and then drop down to 20 mph by midnight. To put it mildly, it's a mess here.

Last night was slightly better, although the return trip to Pierre started out with fog, then rain, then rain mixed with fog. And then after Huron, it all turned to ice.

I think we can officially say that Winter has returned to South Dakota.


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