New additions to the feed digest
It's a mad mad world

Since they were nice enough to post the list in a collective space, I added several of the SDRadical weblogs to my RSS Feed Aggregator in the right hand column for viewing.

When it's behaving. In Firefox, there's hardly ever a problem. It's just in IE that it goes funky and kicks it to the bottom of the page whenever Epp or someone uses an extra long URL in the first sentence of their post.

Anyway, as I noted, I'm adding several of the SDRadical blogs, since they tend to be political. You'll also notice that - to put it lightly - their views can tend to be a bit fringy. High Plains Drifter (previously tokola resistance) was listed before. What have I added? As follows:
Vermillion Community for Peace and Justice
"Vermillion's Direct Action Community Support Group." News and updates from the rowdiest bunch of activists on the USD campus and across Vermillion. Vermillion Community for Peace and Justice

Progressive Vermillion
"Coordinating and networking all of Vermillion's progressive organizations and individuals!" This is the place to go for information on events hosted by Vermillion's vast progressive activist community, including: Amnesty International USD;; Tiospaye Student Council; Community for Peace and Justice; U. Vox Voices for Planned Parenthood; many more! Also, news, events calendar and more! Progressive Vermillion
I did leave off South Dakota Wal-Mart Watch and Students for a Sensible Drug Policy. You can check out what they have to say on your own, but they seem to be mainly regurgitating national news stories. I debated on the Truth Seekers blog, since they are about as on the fringe as you can get, and I had them in. But as I wrote this, if I use the same standards as to kick off the other two, then I can't justify keeping it.

Why do all of these conspiracy minded and radical websites seem to come out of USD? I have no idea.

USD was ok for my grad school experience, but things are getting a little strange down there. (Must be lack of D1 status).


MUSHROOMphysics said…
I appriciate the add to the aggregator...

and, hopefully to answer your question, why so many crazy cats live in vermtown USA

We've got a great community for it, We've attracted St Louis Anarchist Boys, Santa Cruz Hippy kids, and a few others...
We've got a great support base, the 'old hippies' of the community give us nothing but encouragement and support...Plus, there are a great deal of wonderful professors at USD who challenge us to do our very best, and make a real difference in our community
I'm encouraged every day when the CPJ kids get to work
revontule said…
its not just USD. we've been doing a lot of hard work to push the envelope.

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