Night of a thousand stars.
Or at least "Dinner of a Half-Dozen Legislators"

NOTE - My wife has gotten off of saying that the SDWC is only read by the same 16 people. Lately she's admitted to a wider audience, but says it's because it reads like a gossip/society column. This post isn't going to do anything to dispel that image.

I held off eating until later this evening, as I got the chance to have dinner with Senator Brock Greenfield who is often in Pierre by himself as a result of his position with South Dakota Right to Life. When he's in town we hit Guadalajara's, La Minestra, or Jakes, or another one of the dining establishments in town. And we might end up hanging out too late watching some boring movie and talking politics until way past my bedtime.

The difference this evening was that were waiting for State Senator Jerry Apa who was on his way to town.

I had heard lots about Senator Apa through friends, as well as from what's written in the media, but I hadn't really met him before tonight. I have to say I enjoyed speaking with him, and listening what he had to say. Jerry is a public official that has the strength of his convictions. And he's well spoken on a broad range of subjects. It was an entertaining evening.

About the time we were getting ready to leave the restaurant it was seemingly invaded by several other legislators such as Hal Wick, Tom Hackl, and Dick Kelly. They were also accompanied by others including retired BHSU Political Science Professor Tom Hills.

Dr. Hills and Representative Wick were interested in my blog, and blogging in general with Hal mentioning his notoriety over on Todd Epp's blog because of his proposal for nuclear power in the Dakotas.

Hal did make some good points on the power topic that seem to be echoed by the energy development occurring right now in the state. If we're exporting power generated by traditional means, we will have the transmission lines we need to export wind energy - and the ability to guarantee power for when the wind is less. Irregardless whether the power is coal, nuclear or wind, if we have the lines, we can export excess capacity.

And if you're eating at La Minestra, I always go with the Angus Burger. A little blue cheese, a little bacon, rosemary fries.... That with an iced tea is under $10. Burgers, fries, and a bunch of legislators. What else do you need for an evening out?


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