We're not in Kansas anymore.

I was just interviewed by Ben at the the Kansas Progress for their audio blog. My detractors will probably expect me to sound like a total boob. Hopefully I won't disappoint them.

If anything, it will show me unplugged and unedited. Really unedited, as the software doesn't allow for the editing I require for my own use (to edit out the 'ahhs' and 'umms') . But it's good practice as I ease back towards more multimedia on my weblog.

Ben Hodge, one of the five (5!) editors for the blog and I had an interesting discussion about the development of the Mainstream Coalition in Kansas where he related the movement's activities down there. It sounded like there were some real parallels with what had happened there with the group, and what is starting to happen now in SD.

I'm going to do some research on the topic, because it sounds fascinating. As related, it doesn't sound as if it was all hearts and roses. And it could be a very interesting post.

Also upcoming on the South Dakota War College - I hope to get the second edition of the video blog up (finally) next week.

Interviews, deadlines, and having to come up with something worthwhile to say. You know, it's hell working in the media.


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