The talk of the town part II

From Kelo News:
Some big news from Governor Rounds, South Dakota is going smoke free. Starting in May of next year, smokers won't be able to light up in a lot of public places, including the outdoors.

If this sounds extreme, that's because it is.


"We are participating because we want to protect people who don't use tobacco and also to help those who want to quit using tobacco," said Rounds. That means you won't see any state employees huddled up outside the door smoking anymore.
Read it all here.

This is so new that the impact hasn't really been measured as of yet. The media has done some superficial reporting with college students who MIGHT have smoking removed from campus, and that's about it.

But people are certainly buzzing about it.


Anonymous said…
PP, Did you catch Rounds saying that this doesn't mean state employees need to stop using tabacco...What the heck was that. Are we coming to a push for prohibiion for puclic employees? These groups pushing the adminstration and regents certainly have those voices on their boars.
Anonymous said…
Does this mean legislators will no longer be able to smoke on the capital steps?
Anonymous said…
As I read it, it also would prevent legislators from using chewing tabacco on state property/capitol grounds. This is going to be great. Can the pages be forced to "rat" out offenders? Is Capital Security going to enforce? Is there going to be money next for a new assistant AG to add in prosecutions-we've got plenty of extra unfilled FTEs in the current budget.
MJB said…
Didn't we used to have a Republican Governor?
west river republican said…
Now it's smoking outside of public places.

Next it's using cell phone in cars.

And after that, it's going to be the do gooders going after guns.

If you don't speak out now, I hope you gun owners aren't looking around for support from the cell phone owners and the smokers.
CR in the Bar said…
This is what happens when you put sorority girls in charge of public policy.
Anonymous said…
Rounds was against mandated ethanol use, but by gosh, he can mandate a smoking ban for state employees.
Anonymous said…
Are state highways subject to the ban too?

And State Shooting ranges?

And Bryce's public lands?
John Galt said…
This symbolizes the divide in the GOP. One one hand you have the old school GOPers who don't believe government should be running our lives. On the other hand, you have the Christian Conservatives who want to tell us where to smoke, what we should read, what we should do in our bedrooms, and how science books should be written.
Anonymous said…
Can the legislature take a look at what Rounds is doing here? Is there some oversight PP?
will said…
Excellent observation, John Galt.
Anonymous said…
Someone implied that Rounds is a Christian Conservative. A Christian Conservative would not do his best to kill abortion and gay marriage legislation as Rounds has done in past legislative sessions.

Rounds is not a conservative at all! This type of big brother is an example of a RHINO. Idiotic policies from someone who simply has no ideological rudder.

Boy, I hope conservatives realize what a moron this Governor really is. What the Hell has this guy done? It is just one stupid thing after another.

Am I the only Republican who can see we don't need this guy claiming to represent this party? Please, someone recruit the GOP a conservative candidate for Governor! There's $1,000 here for any conservative candidate.
PP said…
Like I said, people are buzzing about it.

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