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Belle Fourche Mayor Resigns

From the Rapid City Journal, who's coverage on this has been outstanding:
BELLE FOURCHE -- Belle Fourche Mayor Todd Keller resigned Friday, two days after his arrest on domestic violence charges.

In a letter of resignation to the Belle Fourche City Council, Keller denied the allegations made against him but said he was resigning in the best interests of his family and the city.


Keller admitted to the DCI agent that he had assaulted his wife on several occasions in 2004 and 2005, according to the affidavit. Keller said he hit his wife with an open hand on the back, legs, buttocks and chest. He said he had stood on her legs and put one wooden match out on her tongue, according to the affidavit. However, he denied spraying his wife with Lysol and throwing lit matches at her.
He denies all of those scurrilous allegations. (Nevermind that stuff he admitted to the DCI agent). Read all of the article here. And give Steve Miller, the reporter, props. He did a thorough, bang up job on this fast moving, big news story when the coverage everyone else kind of let it lay there.

According to the article, The new mayor, Sebastian "Bes" Burckhard, noted that that he visited with Keller earlier that day and noted that "he is really depressed". And "Burckhard said that regardless of anything that happened outside of his official duties, Keller did good work as mayor."

Any mention of concern for the victim by the commission? Hmmm? You know, the one that got the tar beaten out of her? Because the outpouring of concern for the accused isn't doing it for me.

The resignation was a start. But I suppose support for the victim would have been too much to ask.


Anonymous said…
For those who didn't attend the City Council's meeting, you might be interested to know that the acting mayor asked for prayers for both the former mayor and his wife. That wasn't included in the news article. Probably because it's not politically correct to ever mention anything with religious connotations.

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