Busy, busy. You'll probably see light posting this week.

You might not see too much of me this week.

I've got a bunch of stuff to catch up on. I've got ads to do, and stuff to write, a child's birthday, Easter, doing my taxes, etc. That and I've got a thing I'm going to try to write for the Mainstream Media on the Judicial Accountability act, if I can get it accomplished. I've got a few screenprinting screens I'm going to try to get burned. I was even thinking of making a few shirts as well, but every time I get to it, I run out of evening.

Actually, the ads have my priority tonight after I do dinner. I did manage a good post over at the No on E weblog which you might use as filler while we wait for the municipal elections tomorrow night.

I might have a report on the Davison County Lincoln Day Dinner, depending if anything goes on. I hear Thune is the speaker tonight, so that's going to be the place to be.

Speaking of Thune, I see Larry Russell got a big promotion with the American Road and Transportation Builders Association. As the release I was provided stated,
The American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) has named Larry C. Russell national field director. Working out of a regional office in Sioux Falls, SD, Russell manages a team that focuses on providing ARTBA membership services, new member development, fundraising and expanding the association’s grassroots activities throughout the U.S.

Russell and the field team are focused on building a national coalition of transportation construction firms around the country to actively engage in critical issues in the Nation’s Capital – particularly leading up to reauthorization of VISION-100 in 2007 and SAFETEA-LU in 2009.
I sent Larry a congratualtory note, and asked him if he had anything floor sweeper positions I might be able to fill.

On a humorous note, In Brookings, my wife said Gary Aguiar came to our door tonight as he makes a last minute push. I'm thinking he should have thought of that instead of using his students. It might have looked better in the newspaper.

Anyway, head over to the NO on E blog to find out how many dentists recommend the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Act.


oscarbestinthewest said…
Gary has knocked on nearly every door in Brookings.

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