Carole Hillard on South Dakota's HB 1215

This one caught me by surprise. Carole Hillard, the Lt. Governor under pro-life Governor Bill Janklow, has come out with some less than supportive thoughts on HB 1215:
Abortion activists speak to friendly crowd

By Cara Pallone, For the Camera
April 11, 2006

Participants on a panel concerning the South Dakota bill outlawing abortion said they were disheartened by the new law.

The four speakers for "Get Your Hands Off My Body" delivered emotional stances at the Conference on World Affairs on Monday. Carole Hillard, who served four years on the South Dakota state Legislature, focused on the question, "How far should lawmakers go in controlling people and their bodies?"

"The state Legislature is more conservative than they have ever been," she said. "The majority of us are appalled, but even so, it passed."


chad said…
Why should this surprise you? People ARE appalled at the wackiness that went on in Pierre this past winter.

The list of people who are coming out publicly is just beginning to grow.
Anonymous said…
Remember, she was Bill Janklow's Lt. Gov. You expect her to have high morals? Once people really, truly ,factually understand the bill, the support for it will grow.
Anonymous said…
Um, no. It's going to be defeated overwhelmingly. Bet on it.
Will said…
Hey PP, I see that the Holy Spirit Catholic Church has given $750 to the state to defend HB1215.

Does this have any impact on your views regarding the political dimension of the Catholic church?
PP said…
Like I said. The church cares about what the church cares about. And it doesn't matter which party it's aligned with.
Will said…
"Political" is not synonymous with "partisan."
Bob Newland said…
So, then, PP, the Catholic Church is not political because it indiscriminately supports expansion of government power?
Anonymous said…
This bill is only supported by wackoes. I've been circulating the petition and it is amazing. People can't wait to send a message.
Anonymous said…
Why haven't Roger Hunt or Dr. Unruh contribute to the fund to defend the bill...don't the expect and hasn't God told them that the referendum will fail?

Why isn't the media and PP asking them to put their money where their mouth is?
Anonymous said…
Where is Brock Greenfield's money?
Bob Newland said…
Where is Brock Greenfield's brain?
Shelly said…
"the state legislature is more conservative than ever." if that's true they have a long way to go.

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