Covering the Coverage. KSFY is the best.

Between working on a brochure, designing a t-shirt for a candidate, getting a screen ready for yard signs and a host of other things this evening, I did try to catch the election night coverage.

I didn't see much of KDLT's coverage, although they did a good job with the scrolling at the bottom. KSFY was the preferred, and I didn't think KELO did worth a crap. HELLOO KELLOOO? Don't you cover Brookings, or doesn't KELO land extend north of Dell Rapids?

For KSFY's good web results of the election, Click here.

For KELO's mediocrity, Click here.

KDLT has a website? Oh yeah, it's here.

What were my thoughts on the elections?

Munson dominated as expected, but Halverson unexpectedly peaked at the right moment. I was expecting the #2 to be Smith, but I'll wait for Epp's analysis on that. Vernon Brown's years on KELO certainly didn't hurt his name recognition any.

I thought Murschel was going to do better, but she really didn't catch fire. When I was in Sioux Falls this week, I saw a few of Mitch Richter's yard signs and thought the text was unusually small on them. Neither of these former Legislators did very well in their mayoral efforts which makes one wonder if Munson's return to the race completely sucked the anticipated band of supporters from the strong GOP camp.

As far as Brookings goes, Scott Munsterman (the guy I voted for) won, but Aguiar pulled much stronger than I had thought. As one observer who is running for office themselves observed "holy christmas, 918 votes after all that. I guess it just proves door to door does something." And yes it does.

Lou Sebert dominated in Mitchell, beating the pants off of Alice Claggett. I guess "they" did get her after all. Although, Lou should be slapped for his ad in the papers this weekend. Check out this partial ad:
Who puts a spreadsheet grid in their ad to show what groups they were in, and whether they were a leader or just a member? To me, it kind of comes off as him trying to show that he isn't just better than his opponent - he's better than everyone. Maybe it's only appearing to me as exhibiting a lack of humility. Now, that being said, Lou has always appeared to me as a pretty decent person, so I'll just chalk this one up to bad campaign advice.

Munson is the man tonight. And he can atribute that to the hard workers on his campaign. One e-mailed me and left me a message yesterday which I didn't get until tonight (Sorry, E.F.) The message they had been promoting and will be for the next 2 weeks on behalf of Munson is as follows (click on the image for the full view):

(Make the name bigger! - persnickety PP) Across the state, I don't think there was a municipal race that has been watched more closely or analyzed in more painstaking detail. Tonight is clearly Mayor Munson's night. And it goes without saying that the lustre of the evening will have worn off by tomorrow in what promises to be a fierce showdown between Munson and Halverson.


Anonymous said…
Apparently, those of us in western KELOland are just S.O.L.

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