Check out the video - Frank Kloucek on video talking about Ridgefield

My friend Todd Epp has Frank Kloucek on Video over at SD Watch talking about his pursuit of the SDFU on the Ridgefield matter.


Anonymous said…
Klucek shuld contact Sutton with his infrmtaion as he is looking into this as i read it in the local paper
Anonymous said…
Let it go Frank.
Anonymous said…
Yep, that's the same bald headed guy in the Argus all the time.

He is the best representative the Farmers Union has ever had.
Anonymous said…
While Frank's out in left field, it does bring the issue of check-off programs into the light. I absolutely feel that a check-off is a tax like any other and for government to simply turn over the revenues to a private industry group cannot be legal, statutory authorization or not.

Has one of these programs every been challenged in court?
Anonymous said…
Check off programs dealing with beef, musrooms, etc. have been challenged in court. The U.S. Supreme Court dealt with the beef checkoff program two years ago in a case with origins in South Dakota. The results are interesting and largely unresolved.

The mushroom checkoff program was ruled impermissible compelled speech while the beef program was considered government speech and thus not violative of the first amendment as compelled speech. There is little difference between the two programs though the government was able to convince the the court that the money was used to fund a number of projects in addition to advertising (though I think this claim is a bit over-stated).
Anonymous said…
Way to go Frank! I saw this on the news and I think Epp was one of only 3 people there.
Anonymous said…
i do not think that he has any association to the Farmers Union

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