New SD Blog

I'm adding a new South Dakota Blog to the Blogfeeds, Dakotawomen, which is providing their take on womens issues in South Dakota:
If there are any other new SD blogs out there talking about political issues, drop me a note. I'd love to add them.



Anonymous said…
Why don't you list SouthDakotaMac? It's at, and it's the funniest one out there ... I mean really out there. Where else can we learn about our Monkeybot Overlords?
Anonymous said…
Oh great. Another liberal-progressive-or-whatever-you-call-it-blog.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of bloggers, did you notice that Epp isn't talking about Edwards too much these days? Must be that uproar over the anti-Catholic bloggers. I personally think anybody should say anything they want -- I oppose any kind of censorship. I just think it is interesting that lefty blogs didn't condemn the anti-Cathlolic rhetoric, but you can bet they would have been all over it had the rhetoric been anti-Muslim, for instance.
Anonymous said…
O boy, as a woman living in SD it seems to me that this new blog is going to nothing more than bash the males and nothing to promote positive apporaches to the issues.
Could I be wrong? I guess time will tell. Just a gut reaction.
Anonymous said…
sorry for the mis-spell above.
Sorry, I haven't followed the Edwards bloggers deal. I haven't posted much about John lately period. There's been more interesting stuff to write about. But stay tuned.

Todd Epp
John Edwards Fan Club
Junior Birdsman Chapter
S.D. Watch
Anonymous said…
Baloney, Mr. Epp. The story was tailer-made for a blogger like you! It's not just interesting to you because it makes your guy look bad. However, after you get up to speed, would love to know your take on the whole thing.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, mis-type. TAILOR-MADE.
Sara Adams said…
Appears to be a Kate Looby & her buddies at ACLU & DIA at work. I won't waste my time there. I would like to see more women bloggers like Denise Ross highlighted and willing to step up. I always get nervous when blog hosts refuse to give their real name...why do they hide from their opinions? This is a great place to exchange ideas...why hide?
Anonymous said…
I hope nobody mistakes this blog's take on women's issues and think it's any woman's take on women's issues. From a look at the blog, they certainly don't represent me as a woman. Actually, it looks just like C.H.A.D., with a different color backdrop. Didn't know there were so many angry, self-hating, man-hating women around here. Sad.
Anonymous said…
Oh good. Looks like Kelsey Collier-Wise-enheimer and the rest of the alternative lifestylers have found a way to keep themselves busy and a way to espouse their man-hatred.
Anonymous said…
There are quite a few angry, self-loving, women-hating men around here.

I guess you guys don't like uppity women?

You would prefer a blog that fawns over men, advocates women walk two steps behind men and gratefully abase themselves before their male masters?

A man with a strong opinion is well thought of. A woman with a strong opinion is a bitch.

Care to dispute that? Anyone?
Anonymous said…
An "Uppity Woman" is not someone who just has an opinion. You are so lost behind your "uppity" you can not see how this attitude hurts you from the start.
Most women do NOT want to walk behind a man they want to stand next to them and yes be heard as a woman, different gender, someone with a worthy voice. You shut the door by the comments you make and I AM A WOMAN STATING THIS!
How can there be change and voice heard and merit taken when you claim that SD and men don't like Uppity woman?
As a woman I let my voice be heard and yes MEN DO LISTEN, yes some don't care, some fight me on my opinion but I don't close the door with my attitude... we talk and debate.
Both men and women can be jerks and some can be honest and open.
To get the respect you have to earn and show respect and present your terms/ideas on a postive non bashing method. Yes, you can win some and yes, you will lose some. So goes life in general.
Anonymous said…
A world led my all women would be as bad as a world led by all men!
This is an after thought from my 11:51 post.

PP said…
11:16, I think my strongly opinioned wife might tend to disagree.
Anonymous said…
Hmm, who wears the pants in your family PP? :-)
Anonymous said…
The great thing about the blogosphere is that if you don't like Dakota Women, you can feel free to start a conservative women's blog.
Anonymous said…
That would be a contradiction in terms.
Anonymous said…
"The great thing about the blogosphere is that if you don't like Dakota Women, you can feel free to start a conservative women's blog"
I would if I were like a lot of the DIA women who are likely behind Dakota Women -- retired or involved in businesses where they can set their own schedules. I don't have that luxury, and comment here when I can, which is not very often.
Anonymous said…
10 am - Maybe they share wearing the pants, which is as it should be. This is, after all, the 21st century.
Anonymous said…
Gee, where did Ms. Uppity go??? Did us women and other posters scare her away? Of course assuming Ms. U is a woman and we all know I should NOT have assumed anything. But hey what the heck.
Douglas said…
Must be that uproar over the anti-Catholic bloggers. I personally think anybody should say anything they want -- I oppose any kind of censorship.

The "liberal" forums and blogs are discussing the pseudo Catholic propaganda organization making the attack.

Edwards waffled for a day or two, but did end up supporting the bloggers. I hope he learned something about bloggers. Best to leave them independent. If politicians want support from a blog, they should name it after themselves and let everybody know who is paid to post on it.

Speaking of crappy ads, why would Sanford Health send out glossy ads with "A gift has been given to you". First reaction is to toss it in the trash with the free trips to Florida and credit card has been reserved for you free, etc trash.

And for a really, really, really stupid ad, can anything top the accounting company ad with the the black husband and wife where he claims "I got people" and that the "bills are trash".

Sorry for the diversion.
Anonymous said…
I hope we all know not to bad mouth the City Council members that are running this year. I know there are people that are running and I hope they win in the ones that have made a difference in our city. So please don't bad mouth those people they are very hard workers in what they do. Thank you for all the council members.
Anonymous said…
8:04 Douglas, just wondering, what say you about the second part of my post about the anti-Catholic bloggers? I don't know of lefty blogs condemning them. But I do think if they had been anti-Muslim comments, the leftys would have targeted them much the same as the Catholic groups targeted the Edwards bloggers. In short, it's OK to trash Catholics, but not OK to trash others. Once again, I feel that people should say whatever they want -- censorship is censorship. But I am just trying to point out what I perceive to be hyprocrisy among the left.

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