To answer your question, no.

A reader sent along a question last night that's worth answering just for clarification.

Specifically: Am I "receiving financial support from Americans for Prosperity" because I've printed a few of their press releases. My response? "I wish. But, no." Yes, I agree with them on some issues, and on others, I don't. Same as any other group.

Just the other day under comments, I was called "an anti-abortion crazy." That came a couple weeks after I just got pounded by some of the same people I'm being derogatorily lumped with because I think the government offering the HPV vaccine was a good thing, and that the abstinence argument was invalid in this case. (I think AFP might have been against that as well).

I notice no one ever asks about my financial motives when I put one of Frank Kloucek's press releases in as I did the other day.

For those of you who haven't been reading for long, the only money I get off of this website which is turned back into it for upkeep, subscriptions, etc., is off of the beg button and the advertising. (and yes, it is reported on the applicable tax forms).

The beg button, which is conveniently located in the upper right hand corner for your use if you're so inclined, allows users to click on it and send me a donation via pay pal (allowing you to use a credit card, or straight out of your checking account) securely and easily.

Advertisers are in the banners in the top in the rotating banner, or at the sides in the big banner. Right now, I've dropped a few off, and the primary advertiser now is the DeMersseman Jensen Christianson Stanton & Huffman law firm. If you're in the need for legal services or government lobbying, they're among the best in South Dakota. I'd strongly encourage you to contact them.

Right now there's plenty of room for advertising on the website which received about 32,000 visitors last month (about 65-70,000 hits).

Going back to the original question, when I put someone's press release in, it's because it meets one of several criteria not the least of which are being topical at the given moment.

The AFP (and Frank) are sending out press releases about current topics. If they send me one, it is entirely possible that it may end up in print. Same as any other organization, whether I'm with their agenda or not. My point is that if you drop me a note, you'll at least have my eyes and ears for a few moments, and possibly a post. But "no more," for those of you who are worrying about it.

If you enjoy stopping here and reading, there's lots of good advertising space available, as well as a handy beg button up in the corner. That will buy you an ad and/or my gratitude for keeping this website going.

But that's it.


Anonymous said…
I'll bet the same person who asked you that question won't ask a certain liberal blogger if he is benefiting from Klocek's press stuff.
Douglas said…
I assume PP gets more than a few comments that are blog spam. TypePad catches some, but not all. I got one this morning from a SD Blogger. Not the kind of blog most of us reading this one have however. It is one of those too cute by half housewife type blogs. I noticed a rather commercial tinge to the posts. The disclaimer button indicates that posts there are written to support some products and the blogger is paid for that.

Some of the posts not obviously concealed ads were actually pretty good, but mixing blog payola in with regular posts pretty much destroys any confidence that any of the posts are honest.

I expect to see some Republican propaganda here, but I have never really gotten the feeling that PP is posting anything here because he is getting paid to hype something.

That has not been the case with some blogs in South Dakota and all the rest of us took a hit in our credibility because of it.

I suspect that forewarned is fore armed however and as most SD blog readers gain experience they will quickly recognize the payola blogs and they will lose most of their thoughtful readers.
Anonymous said…
As a point of clarification, AFP has taken no official position on the HPV vaccination proposal.
PP said…
Sorry, my bad. I'm sure there's something we disagree on. ;)

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