Chicago Sun Times: Hildebrand on Obama's Payroll for the campaign

Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times blog is reporting that Steve Hildebrand is on deck with Barack Obama as had been speculated earlier:

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) used campaign donations generated by PACs and lobbyists to bankroll the birth of his White House bid -- though he's banning that money for his presidential 2008 race.

Obama's conversion to a laudable higher standard does not negate that money from sources he now disdains helped paved the way for his kickoff in Springfield on Saturday.

Obama has been raising campaign cash for two political pots -- Obama 2010 Inc., his Senate re-election committee, and the Hopefund, another war chest. Obama, until his recent conversion on the eve of his presidential run, took more than $1 million from political action committees.

An examination of disbursements from the two funds reveals how Obama was able to use legal loopholes commonly used by other presidential contenders to pay for White House testing-of-the-water expenses:

• • $3,214.95 on Dec. 20 to the political consulting firm of Hildebrand Tewes. Steve Hildebrand starting helping Obama last year in Iowa, the state with the crucial leadoff presidential vote. Paul Tewes is now Obama's Iowa campaign manager and Hildebrand will be an important adviser.

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Anonymous said…
it will be fun to watch Hildebrand ruin this potentially wonderful candidate too...why can't people admit that Hildebrand is like 2 for 10 in elections he has run??
Helen said…
The only reason that Hildebrand is involved is because Obama hired Daschle's former chief-of-staff, Pete Rouse, and he told Obama to give Hildebrand a mercy job.

Maybe we should just call it what it is. But the South Dakota "media" will cover this up because they love Hildebrand so they won't say anything negative!
BJ said…
Some posters seem mean on this issue. Should we be proud a South Dakotan is leading a major presidential campaign?
Anonymous said…
Daschle will never forgive Hildebrand for abandoning him when he needed his advisers to stay loyal. Neither will Daschle's supporters in South Dakota who have written off Hildebrand
Anonymous said…
bye bye bama, was fun while you lasted
Anonymous said…
Some people don't like that Hildebran is helping such a steller candidate. Go Obama! Go!
Anonymous said…
10:10 pm - Yes lower the bar of mediocrity nearer the ground to accommodate Hildebrand’s reach.

In keeping with liberal expectations it is not fair to expose his failure to meet expectations. That will crush his self-esteem.
Anonymous said…
Obama is better off without Hildebrand. Obama should dump him even before it starts.
Anonymous said…
Hildebrand has been involved with more success stories in politics than you will ever know.

Electing Thune was what South Dakotans meant by lowering the bar.

Where is the clout when you need it?

As for Obama, great candidates don't need great staff, they use the skills of mediocre, great and good staff alike. In other words, the candidate recongnizes the talents of each individual and brings a team together.

I, for one, think Hildebrand, Rousse, and other people with South Dakota ties make great staff people---regardless of party.

Besides, Obama is moderate on many issues and will bring his own views to bear. It looks like he will do it with candor as well.
Anonymous said…
1:20 am - Ha Haa Haaa Ha Haa Ha

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