Heidepreim: Republicans are the party of hate

In a comment reminiscent of Tim Johnson's taliban comment that got him into trouble a while back, Scott Heidepreim does him one better, and at the McGovern Day library event this past weekend flat out calls Republicans the party of hate as related by new website Badlands Blue:
Heidepriem said it was a thrill to serve with some of the people here today, the new Senators, and gave credit to the great Democrats who made this possible ("we can't thank you enough"). Heidepriem said he was confident Democrats can take control of the State Senate. Heidepriem talked about his father, also a World War II vet, a Republican but also a progressive and environmentalist. "Why did I change parties," he asked? Because he wanted to be part of a party that was about hope, not "hate."
Read that incredible comment here.

Holy crap!! This is the pandering candidate who says we need to listen more and shout less? But he calls the majority party out as as the party of "hate"? What an utterly undefendable remark.

The bottom line is that Democratic Senator Heidepreim needed a lot of Republican votes to get elected. But once that happened, he's now thrown off the cloth of moderation, and shown himself to be the liberal ideologue we all knew him to be.

After this comment, I hope the Republican Senate wakes up and realizes that Scott isn't about working together - he's about drawing battle lines.

UPDATE - good catch by one of the readers. It was pointed out to me that the Badlands Blue blog is paid for by the SDDP.



Anonymous said…
I wonder how his buddy, Dave Knudsen, will feel about this comment. I look for Knudsen to issue a statement that Heidepriem was quoted out of context and that he is truly a gentleman that is a joy to work with (or "for").
Anonymous said…
Scott is exactly right Powers.

1. Republicans hate women who wish to make their own medical decisions concerning birth/abortion.

2. Republicans hate taxes.

3. Republicans hate hearing about global warming.

4. Republicans hate admitting their wrong.

5. Republicans hate marijuana, a harmless plant they called "devil's weed."

Please add to the list.
nonnie said…
To anon 7:31: I hope this statement comes back to bite Heidepreim big time in the next session.

Now, allow me to refute your little list:

1. Repubicans do not have women who wish to make thier own medical decisions concerning birth/abortion. For one thing, there are many Democrats who pro-life. Also, pro-life people of both parties simply happen to care about unborn life also.

2. I would say everyone hates taxes. If you really studied taxes, I would imagine Republicans pay more taxes in total than do Democrats; just look at who votes for Reps and for Dems. Instead of saying that Republicans hate taxes, you could say that Republicans are more for personal responsibility and Democrats are more for a socialist system of "from everyone according to ability and to everyone according to need."

3. Global warming seems a Dem issue because of good ole Gore, who happens to be a hypocrite about the whole thing. If truly concerned about global warming, it's not a Dem/Rep issue; it's an international issue. Just this morning on the news was a report about coal fired plants being built in China at the rate of 2/week, and these contribute hugely to the assumed causes of global warming.

4. Come one now, both parties and all politicians hate admitting they are wrong. Just about every person on earth hates to admit he/she is wrong.

5. Hi, Newland!
Anonymous said…
I thought we were supposed to take 7:31 seriously. Until the comment on ditch weed.

Why won't the potheads leave this website so we can have serious political debate?
greatplains said…
"Why won't the potheads leave this website so we can have serious political debate?"

The "potheads" will leave when everyone who's ever overindulged in booze leaves the website. Wake up. Alchohol causes far, far more problems to society than marijuana--and this is coming from someone who's never touched pot and never will.
Anonymous said…
It is tough to take the outrage of PP to seriously. After reading this blog for awhile I don’t think that there is anytime a democrat can mention the republican party that PP would not describe as a “undefendable remark”. This is all spin
Douglas said…
Nah, Republican politicians don't hate taxes generally, they just hate taxes they and their rich supporters have to pay. Sales taxes on the poor are A-OK with them.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure no Republican leader has ever disparaged the Democratic party at a Republican fundraising event. Give us a break.
Anonymous said…
All you have to do is scroll down through the topics on this blog and through its archives to see the truth in Heidepreim's assertion. Look at the tone of most of PP's posts and the way his fellow Repubs flock to them and pile on. It is a rare day at SDWC when PP doesn't come up with some way or another to fuel the fires of Republican hate. No sense denying it. On the contrary, most posters here seem to revel in it.
Anonymous said…
I don't get the media fascination with Heidepreim. He is their latest darling, and the Dems are treating him like a hero for leaving the Repubilcsn party. I will give him one thing, though. At least he was honest and changed his affiliation, unlike many RINOs.
Anonymous said…
anon 8:01 said,
"Why won't the potheads leave this website so we can have serious political debate?"

If you're looking for serious political debate, you've come to the wrong website..
Anonymous said…
PP, I bet you really hate being called the party of hate.
Anonymous said…
Heidepriem was always known as the biggest phony in the Republican Party who was only obsessed with being elected to something and promoting himself. The GOP should be happy he left the party. He fits in well with the phonies in the Democratic Party like Heserth and Johnson
Anonymous said…
It is widely known that Heideprerm is increasinly off his nut. But the media loves him so nobody will know this.
Mike Squares said…
"Why won't the potheads leave this website so we can have serious political debate?"

We're here. We're smart. Get used to it.
Anonymous said…
Heidepriem might have been a little more accurate if he had called it the "Party of Militant Ignorance".

And Powers is its poster child.
Anonymous said…
Think about it. If the Dems and the Indies abandon this site, the rest of you will just sit around playing stink-finger. And PP's bog hit numbers will dwindle to nothingness. We're just here to save you from yourselves. You should all be grateful.
Anonymous said…
Greatplains, why won't you smoke pot? If it's virtually harmless, you shouldn't be so adverse to toking up. Do you drink alcohol? If so, you'd better think about trading your vices, given your comments.
nonnie said…
Douglas, sales taxes are virtually the only tax that the poor pay. And given the freebies that the truly poor receive,, and the benefits they enjoy along with the rest of us (police and fire protection, roads, schools, etc) how is wrong that they pay a little into the system.

The rich, or middle class which is most of us are whom you refer to as rich, pay most of the taxes in this country already. If we didn't, who would pay for the infrastructure that everyone including your poor enjoy? They certainly don't pay enough into the system to support it.

Bush's tax cuts have fueled the economy, but you will never hear that admitted from the media. Just more fueling of class warfare in the US.
Anonymous said…
anon 9:21 - Judging by this thread, it's pretty easy to see that if you were to characterize one side as being "hateful" it would be the liberals. Having said that, I don't think you are hateful, I just think we have different way to getting to the same conclusion in most cases, and truely different values in others, but hate certainly isn't one of them.

I don't hate taxes for instance, I just hate that my tax dollars go to things like museums for soybeans in BF Iowa, etc.
Anonymous said…
Some people Republicans hate:

1. Women who have abortions and do not regret them.

2. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people who are not involved in ex-gay ministries.

3. Indians of all sorts.

4. People on welfare.

5. Poor people.

6. Union workers.

7. Tom Daschle.

8. Hillary Clinton

9. Most black people

10. Most college professors

Start a topic on the War College about ANY of these people and you will have 50 rabid crazy Republican responses within 24 hours.
Anonymous said…
3:03 - that is mean. very true, but mean. I expect the crazies are going to be upset.
Anonymous said…
That's the great thing about this blog -- PP thinks he's advancing his cause, but really all he's doing is showcasing the nuts who control his party, giving all of us a frightening glimpse into their stunted way of thinking. Yikes.
Rebecca Dunn said…
#:25, you got that about right.
Anonymous said…
How much is Scotty paying his cronies to come and blog for him?

I know he dropped a ton of cash on his last campaign, but are these teens on here or what?

Distraction tactics only from children!
Scotty got caught saying something really dumb, nothing new, but deal with it!!
Anonymous said…
I get paid 25 cents per comment, anon 5:36.
Anonymous said…
...and I get eleventy-five cents,
bekuz I'm not as gud of a typer.
Anonymous said…
I can't post after 10pm cuz my mom makes me go to bed.
nonnie said…
I'm Rep and I don't hate any of the people listed above by anon 3:03. Well, maybe Hillary! She scares me!

But if it makes you happy, anon 3:03, to think we as Reps hate all the above, well, it's a free country and have at it. Wouldn't want you to lose any sleep over it.
Anonymous said…
I pray that Hiedeeprim runs for something. He's such a flaming liberal whiner and phony that he can be lit up like a torch.
Anonymous said…
What I don't understand is why Republicans can say that hating women for being pro-choice is ok because it is supported by their religion - and yet liberal democrat Hillary Clinton loving people like me are persecuted every day because we practice religious ceremonies that involve marijuana and other narcotic substances.

Oh and 8:51 just said "lit up".
Anonymous said…
how do you know that this website is paid for by the South Dakota Democratic Party?
Anonymous said…
They told me. I called them.

PS: Hey, Newland. Why won't you let me buy you a beer (in a smoke free bar, of course)?
William said…
Anonymous 9:03p (Of course you're "anonymous"...)

"What I don't understand is why Republicans can say that hating women for being pro-choice is ok because it is supported by their religion"

Of course you can't understand it, it's not true! If you support abortion, YOU may wish that it were true to vilify your opposition.

Identify ANY Republican that says HATING women for being pro-choice is OK.
Anonymous said…
Just read PP's posts and you'll know he's right.

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