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Now, I don't want to say that Tom Katus owes former Senator Stan Adelstein any obedience, but after....
$5000 from Stan's Nix on Six pac,
$836 from his All SD PAC,
$3312 of help as purchased directly by the Stan Adelstein for Senate Committee, and
$9505 as funnelled through Focus South Dakota
it seems as if Tom might feel a little obligated to follow the lead of the person who put him in his Senate seat. (For those of you who want to look at the financials for yourself, Page 6 on Tom's Report).

So it's no big surprise that coming on the heels of Adelstein's continued personal and financial support of Alan Hanks, that Katus felt a figurative yank of the leash.

From Tom's e-mail:
From: "Tom Katus" {}
08:23 -0600

Campaign Volunteers and potential fellow candidates,

Yesterday, Alan Hanks met me and asked for help with grassroots organizing for the run off for the Mayors race. Apparently he has very few volunteers because the Republican activists are nearly all Elli, Napoli, Schmidt, and now Kookier supporters. At this time I am not committed to anyone. I have nothing against Sam and rather like him but I am very concerned about his RIGHT WING supporters. Given these choices, I am I am inclined toward Alan but I told him I could not speak for any of you who will have to make your own decisions.

However, I have agreed to convene a meeting of anyone without obligation who chooses to attend @ my home, 821 Upper Pines Drive on Sunday, June 10th at 3:00 pm. I recommend the following agenda:

1) Volunteer activists/potential 08 candidates meet in private and "brainstorm" --1/2 hour
3) Volunteer Activist /Canduidates meet in private to discuss individual or group commitments, if any.
4) I will communicate decisons to Alan by phone.

Please RSVP; via Email or phone : 718-0545. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Thanks for your consideration.

Warm regards, Tom
It is interesting that Tom is noting that Hanks is sucking a bit of pond water as far as volunteers are concerned. Not something that you're hearing anywhere else as these campaigns come into the finish line. In fact, it's kind of an unusual thing to paint anything but a rosy picture in this kind of situation.

Anyway, on to part two - A perfect example of the radical right-wing support that Katus and Adelstein describe is evident in the Rapid City Journal letters to the editor from well known "radical right leader" Don Frankenfeld:
Kooiker has the edge for new leadership

Both Sam Kooiker and Alan Hanks are qualified to be our Mayor. Here are three reasons why Kooiker has the edge.

First, experience. Kooiker is on the City Council, where he is an advocate for disciplined progress. Hanks is a kind of serial candidate.

He was on the council once, but his most recent ambition was to be a legislator. Recently, Hanks asked voters for a two-year employment contract, and they gave it to him. He should fulfill his contract.

Besides, Hanks is better suited to his current legislative office.


Rapid City
Read the whole thing here. For those of you are sarcastically impaired, the "radical right leader" Don Frankenfeld comment was not serious. In fact, Don would be considered anything but - as a leader in the Republicans for Daschle and several other left-leaning causes since he stood for congressional election against Johnson on behalf of the GOP, Don isn't someone who I'd consider the right's poster child.

But amazingly, despite the Adelstein/Katus characterizations, he seems to think that Kooiker might be ok.

I know there's going to continue to be more to come on all of this. It's going to continue to get worse before it gets better. Stay tuned, and keep on watching as things come down to the finish line.


Anonymous said…
Sam, as an active Republican, of course has Republicans supporting him. But I have read the letters to the editor in the Journal, and there have been several known liberal Democrats who are supporting Sam because he has been responsive to the people in his ward (and to those who don't). Katus is just bowing to the people who supported him -- liberal, paranoid, look-over-your should conspiracy theorists.
Anonymous said…
Sam has two constituencies. One, the Ellie, Napoli, Fisher, Krouse camp as mentioned and 2) the people who are anti-everything who want to tear down the walls. In other words, radicals from both ends of the political spectrum. That's ok, Sam represents both positions well as a city council member, and should stay there and keep doing it. Hes just not the stuff a good mayor is made of. A mayber needs to be more moderate and easier to work with.
Anonymous said…
...ok, let's run that last sentence agian, shall we?

A mayor needs to be more moderate and easier to work with.
Anonymous said…
"Again!" Geeze. My fingers won't do their thing today, I guess.
Anonymous said…
You have to wonder why such divergent groups (the radical right and left) would be supporting Sam.

Makes me think he might be a gladhander who doesn't know what he stands for.
Anonymous said…
He doesn't stand "for" he stands "against."
He's the anti-hero type. Probably voted for Amendment E. Someone should ask him.
blawgzilla said…

Sam Kooiker is gaing momentum...

Sam is so radical; that Napoli and Frankenfeld support him. If that isnt "broad spectrum" support nothig is.

p.s. anon 12:26 pm
we know what a good mayor is made of, and Sam Kooiker has it.
Anonymous said…
12:45 Who is "we"? You and Don?
Anonymous said…
Instead of a line, think of the political spectrum as a circle with liberals at ( o clock, moderates at noon, conservatives at 3 and radicals at 6.

It is not uncommon for both left and right wing extremists to flock together at the bottom of the "spectrum" and diametrically oppose the moderates at the top of the wheel.

Such is the case with Sam. I'm not saying I don't like him, I'm just saying he won't make a good mayor. He's not about listening, constructive discussion, moderation and compromise. Chesck his record.
Anonymous said…
"...liberals at 9." Dang, I give up! I'm not going to type any more today. Have at it, kids. I'll check back later.
blawgzilla said…
we; is Don Frankenfeld, Bill Napoli and everyone in between, and I mean everyone except you.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Kookie can get abortions banned! What a wacko!
Anonymous said…
The Kookster likes to pretend that he is everyman. But you know, if he were everyman, he wouldn't be the Kookster, right?

What to do with that?

He's a radical, alright.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

(Unless, of course, he refuses to admit it.)

Run it down Sam, we're all ears.
dumb said…
dumber said…
ooga booga
really f****n stupid said…
ooga booga chattanooga
blawgzilla said…
Hanks needs help with "grassroots" and he calls Katus??

I dont see Kooiker begging for help from anybody with "grassroots"

I have seen dozens of letters to the editor from "grasroots" supporting Kooiker.

If Hanks wanted support from the "grassroots" maybe he should have gone there first instead of Adelstein and Hamilton. It is too late to go after "grassroots" 16 days before the election.

If your all ears and dont know its GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER, Then your not listening.

This revelation will not help Hanks with his mayoral race and it sure wont help his re-election campaign for the house next year. I am certain many republicans will not forget this betrayal.
Anonymous said…
I find it disturbing that Katus and his liberal pals might try to derail a MAYORAL race, for Pete's sake. LaGuardia (I think) declared that there is no Democrat or Republican way to pick up the garbage. This is not about whether Sam has some "right-wing" positions on some issues. It's about who can do a good job of leading the city, which has got nothing to do with what a candidate thinks about abortion, etc. And as a previous commenter noted, Sam's support is from all over the map. So let's quit with the paranoid, sky-is-fallling alarm over a (gasp!) guy like Sam getting elected mayor of Rapid City.
Anonymous said…
5:57 Hey, Kooiker is the one who has Hamilton's hand in his pants, not Alan. PP himsef has published the evidence here on this blog. As with Elli, these holier than thou types don't mind taking dough from a guy who makes his employees look at pix of women screwing donkeys so long as it goes towards helping their cause. It was Hanks, not Kooiker who told Hamilton to take a hike. Get it straight. Sam will do whatever it takes to win. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing.
Anonymous said…
Hey, 6:20, this is relevant because...??? Never said anything about Hamilton (could care less, don't know anything about him) or any Hanks supporters (like Adelstein, whom I do not respect but would not hold that against Hanks). With a condescending attitude (YOU are the one who sounds holier-than-thou), you are attempting to cloud the issues of competency and grassroots support, but you'll not get away with it. At least not here.
Anonymous said…
I will be voting against Sam purely because of his appearance.
Anonymous said…
6:33. My mistake. I picked up the wrong time frame. My post was directed to blawgzilla @ 5:10.

As for your comment, I've been saying all along that Sam has grassroots support, RADICAL, EXTREMIST grass roots support. That's not condescending. Wing-nuts have just as much right to support and organize for their candidates as moderates do. I'll I'm saying is, you need to know which side you're on. If you want leadership from somewhere out in the twinkies, vote for Sam.
Anonymous said…
6:47, I would be interested in hearing about a position or action Sam has taken as a city council member on a city issue that is "out there in the twinkies."
blawgzilla said…
to anon 7:27 PM

It was nice of you to ask, but, blogs are havens for cowards. I have asked numerous times the exact same thing, no response ever. Every single city council meeting has streaming audio available online right now. If there was a single time Sam Kooiker was a bully or mean or was critical without offering solutions these Kooiker haters would have told the world what meeting and what time to start listening by now. Fact is, they have no evidence. In fact I bet most of these derogatory posts about Kooiker are from the same one maybe two cowards. One of those being the back-stabing judas that hamilton paid to elect Shaw, hahaha
Al said…
anon 6:34
what do you mean? You are against Sam because of his disability?

Blogging used to be fun, but it sure has got ugly lately.
Anonymous said…
9:36, thanks for making our point. They can't cite any examples. The libs are just against Sam because he is conservative. Don't let them get away with it!!!
Kati Jenkins said…
You are incorrect in your story, PP. "Nix on Six PAC" is not Stan Adelstein's PAC. Check your source again.
PP said…
Kati -

Somehow, I might disagree with you on that:
liam said…
blawgzilla 9:36:
The meetings are on streaming audio, but not the executive sessions. What happens in executive session stays in executive session?
blagzilla said…

just like vegas...
Anonymous said…
9:36 Blabzilla. See Sam's vote on Cabellas. That's all the proof you need. He's a wing nut, pure and simple.
Anonymous said…
Make that "Cabela's..."
blawgzilla said…
Cabelas raped Rapid City taxpayers on this deal, 17 million of a 37 million dollar project.

Sam wanted a cost benefit analysis, a reasonable request for spending 17 million dollars, dont ya think,,,

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