SDDP gives a hint of a statewide candidate

The SDDP has an e-mail report out yesterday - the "E-news from the Blues" that seems to say that the Dems might have some statewide office action this month. Quoting from the e-mail:
This month’s two podcasts will feature George McGovern and a mystery Democrat announcing his candidacy for state-wide office. An email that goes out to media contacts and others details guests to be featured on each show. The party also hopes to keep people returning to the podcast by providing daily news updates and blogs on the website.
Oooooo. A mystery Democrat announces his candidacy for statewide office. I'm intrigued. This one might just be a stumper.

I did hear rumors from a month or so ago that there might be a former Democratic legislator from rural Minnahaha County who was going to jump into the PUC Race. As the only place a Dem could typically expect to hold at least one of the seats, I'm sure the Dems eye the PUC as a place they can make gains.

Don't get worked up about this yet, SDGOP. If what I head is true, this former legislator has been out of it for about a decade, and never really made much of a splash in the first place. I suspect he's going to find that the campaign trail against Bob Sahr is going to be long and lonely.

Given the fact that the Democratic ranks of state level officeholders is in shambles, DEM donors might be more willing to fund an incumbent like Bryce Healy who is liked by people on both sides of the aisle, than gamble limited funds on an unknown.

Don't think I'm strictly picking on the SDDP - this is the same hurdle potential GOP challenger Jarrod Johnson, who has been quietly looking at taking on Bryce for the past several months, faces in getting campaign donations.

In both cases, you'll probably see the party take on the major portion of contributing cash for each.


Anonymous said…
Not making a splash in the legislature doesn’t mean you can’t get elected to other offices. Just ask Dave Munson.

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