Legislative news. Ot at least Legislative rumor.

From Dave Kranz in today's Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

Schoenbeck out

One of the most discussed political stories at the Republican dinner was the future of state Sen. Lee Schoenbeck. Schoenbeck has told colleagues that he will not seek re-election next year. The Watertown Republican and president pro-tem of the Senate said he wants to spend more time with his family and his job.

He is not through with politics, though. He is contemplating a bid for governor in 2010. He was not available for comment.

When I author stuff that is only rumor, I state that the report is unconfirmed. What would the excuse be for not doing so? "But that's what everyone is saying..."

Personally, I hope Lee stays in. He's one of the best up there.


Bob Newland said…
I've seen Schoenbeck in action. He's rude and uninformed.

And, as a former Republican legisator mentioned to me, "He's not somebody you want in a foxhole with you."
Anonymous said…
Bob: I'd take Lee anyday before I'd take you!

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