Celeste Calvitto has some good speculation for a GOP candidate against Herseth

Per Celeste Calvitto at the Rapid City Journal:
Seward a candidate?

State GOP chairman Randy Frederick told the crowd in Rapid City that he is frequently asked who is going to challenge Rep. Stephanie Herseth, D-S.D., in next year’s election.

“We have a lot of possibilities,” he said.

He didn’t name names, though.

But one name that is making the rounds is that of Butte County State’s Attorney Jim Seward.

A member of the South Dakota National Guard 109th Engineer Group, Seward was on leave during his re-election campaign last year while serving in Afghanistan under the U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division. He was stationed at Bagram Airfield north of the Afghan capital of Kabul and returned to his Butte County post last spring after an unpaid leave of absence.

Seward said he wasn’t prepared to comment on whether he is considering a race against Herseth.

I consider Jim as well liked in West River Republican circles. Intellectually, he would be a good challenger for Herseth. And statewide, he'd be an easy candidate for Republicans to get behind in 2006.

But before we hear anything, I suspect he's going to have a couple of obstacles to overcome in making an election decision.

First and foremost, he just got back serving overseas within the last six months - and that was after being re-elected in abstentia. Considering a campaign of this nature after just getting back from military service has got to be weighing heavily on his mind. I'm sure given family and work, he's probably not anxious to get out on the campaign trail.

Regardless, whether or not Jim decides to give it a go, the clock keeps ticking for the 2006 races.


Anonymous said…
Jim would have a better chance of victory against Rounds than Herseth. There would probably be more differences between Jim and Rounds than Jim and Herseth. That's certainly a tough race to run.

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