Is the Argus softening on blogs now?

From today's Argus Leader:
When Milbank native Dana Christensen started a blog in August 2003, he used it to keep family and friends abreast of his life as a seminarian in St. Louis.

Now, he is the Rev. Dana Christensen, and he continues to blog.But as his life has changed, so has his blog."

It evolved into a bigger thing," said Christensen, who now serves at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Sioux Falls. "It has social commentary and a place to post jokes or stuff I find amusing, to make a religious commentary. Also, it sort of provides a way for people to engage in conversation, and once in a while we get some pretty good discussions going."

Blogs are one of the ways churches are using advanced technology to reach out to others and share beliefs. Using video screens instead of hymnals, sending e-mails with verses for daily devotions and offering downloadable sermons online, religious leaders are adapting their messages to the technological delivery formats of today.
Okay, so according to the Argus, political bloggers are scum of the earth, but religious blogging is ok?

I'm going to go put my pajamas back on now.


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