A little report from the Rapid City GOP State Dinner

While everyone is talking about the Sioux Falls State Dinner, nobody is saying much about the Rapid City version of the event. No, I didn't go either. I'm saving my time off to boost my Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation time in Brookings. But a few friends were in attendance, so I got a bit of a report of the happenings of the evening.

The biggest thing was that during Chairman Randy Frederick's speech, he talked about how the party was looking at candidates to run against Stephanie Herseth. And during that moment, he gazed intentionally and longingly in the direction of Jeff Partridge (who I believe was emcee that evening). Only time will tell if Randy's wish comes true.

Note to Jeff - I love exclusive scoop announcements about running for Congress.

Other talk that night was focused on things of a legislative nature - first and foremost the anticipated McCoy/Napoli matchup and rumored Adelstein/Schwiesow rematch. Watch for both of those races to be hard fought and expensive.

And I even heard that some talk was floating around about the South Dakota Mainstream coalition, and the views of the Kansas Mainstream Coalition that the SD group is based on. (Now where would they have heard that?)


Anonymous said…
I was at the Rapid City event. I don't know what the hoped turnout was, but I haven't been to a Lincoln Day Dinner there with such a small room or such great parking. Usually, I have to park on the other side of the buildings. Not this time as there was plenty of parking.

The company was great, the meal was good and the speakers were ok, but I don't know if it was worth $60.00. Now, if John Thune spoke, or a debate featuring Napoli/McCoy or Adelstein/Schwiesow would have occurred, I'm sure it would have been worth the price!
Anonymous said…
Sioux Falls had a good showing. I had a great time mingling and talking with Kim Thune, Dusty Johnson, Larry Long, Larry Diedrich, Chris Nelson and a great fun conversation with none other than Dick Wadhams. Dick is a fun down to earth guy! The meal was great. I would have liked to have seen a little punch in the stage message. It was a little mild. I liked the Rapid article which came out the next day after the event rather than the Argus article that came out four days later. But I am not sure I would call it an article maybe Argus minutes taken. On a side note it was like coming home to family and friends as I know many of those in attendance...
Anonymous said…
Why don't the have the true debate between Napoli and Adelstein, the other two candidates are simply standins in the greater GOP battle.
Anonymous said…
Good point! Napoli represents the conservative element of the party and Adelstein the liberal or RINO wing of the party or is he a proxy for the democratic party?

Well anyway, although McCoy will certainly be a proxy/patsy for Adelstein, I think you will be surprised that Schwiesow will be a one of a kind force of her own. And this is one conservative lady! I long for her candidacy!

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