Taking the evening off to go to the movies. (Ever think of advertising there yourself?)

I'm taking the evening off to go to a sneak preview at 10pm of Superman Returns, so I was ecstatic that DianeM posted. Now I can get away with phoning it in tonight. I'm going to go down to the State 123 in Pierre about a half an hour early so I can get my seat, my jumbo buttered popcorn, my giant drink, and sit in anticipation.

While I sit there, I'm going to be subjected to slide after slide of trivia and advertising. My question? Why am I not seeing any political candidates up on the screen so far this year?

It's extremely cheap on a per-impression basis, and this is the summer movie blockbuster season. Superman is going to be playing, the Pirates of the Carribean sequel is next, plus a plethora of other films that people are going to watch. In ten minutes of waiting (an average) people would see your political ad three times.

I've used them before in a statewide race, and I've used them in a county race. They're big and bold and they demand attention. Remember all the attention that Governor Rounds got when he used them? Love them or could care less, people saw them and remembered who was being advertised.

So, when I go see my next movie this summer - I hope I'm seeing some candidates on the screen.


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