Gotta love flash animation

While I don't agree with the message, the flash animation by NARAL juxtaposes images of elected officials and politicians including Governor Mike Rounds on top of Godzilla and King Kong bodies. It's kind of funny.

Go watch it here. (ht to coat hangers at dawn.)

I've contemplated doing some Flash animation on political stuff myself. But I'm afraid it would be way, way over the top. This at least made me laugh.


mike said…
blah. Stupid. It's a very amature attempt at flash. Probably done by some naral babe's kid. If this is the best they can do, it's bad for them.
I give it a 2. Only 'cause I laughed at Rounds as Godzilla.
Will Billion be Mothra!!
shaky jake said…
NO! Rounds isn't appearing as Godzilla, He's presented as King Kong. If I remember, in the original,1933, movie he saved Fay Wray from a T-Rex on the island.
Billion as a T-Rex??
No, everyone knows T-rex is an extinct dinosaur and the only one in South Dakota is STAN.
Anonymous said…
Billion was around when dinosaurs roamed the earth, so he'd be a natural selection for a t-rex...

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