There's changes in the air.

I've got to get back to work, but I wanted to mention that there will be a few changes in store for the SDWC.

I'm contemplating a re-design, along with a few other amenities. The rotating banner and everything else will remain, I'm just thinking a few stylistic changes are in order.

If there are any web designers who read the SDWC, and might be interested in a minor project for this blog, (and willing to trade out some advertising), drop me a note at, and we can talk.


Douglas said…
A nitpick.

"There is" is not the same as "There are". But, this is not the first place I have seen a headline like that.

Good luck on the changes, but you must be driving those Republicans who detest changes fully nuts.
Anonymous said…
douglas talk about no change, where are the Dems new ideas? It is the same old blah,blah blah. Property tax is not fair, raise min wage, and look for any weak spots the Rs have.
Angie said…
Technical comment: Your link to doesn't work. It tries to link to "" ......just thought you'd like to know:)
Anonymous said…
Ya, now that Sahr is out of the race, you need AN advertiser! What did he supposedly do, anyway? I hear all these people dumping on Hanson for squealing, but what is the alleged crime?
PP said…
been there -

If you haven't noticed, I have 2 other banner ads. And they're both paid for.

And how do you know I don't have a third shortly on deck?

and a big liberal -

I have a few technical things I need to fix. I hope to get to them this weekend. Too much to do, Too little time.

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