A gauntlet is thrown down at Jack Billion

This one is interesting - especially given that the feathers are flying in a debate about debates.

I had an e-mail from State Representative Ryan Olson that indicates he's going to enter the debate fray. And to that end, he's throwing out a challenge to Jack Billion to debate him on the topics of drought relief and educational funding:
I have challenged Jack Billion to a debate on drought relief and school funding. As a member of the taxation and education committee as well as a farmer/rancher, I think we all need an explanation other than his pie in the sky gobblelty gook.

P.S. Jack and the A.P. have received my request
This sounds like this could be pretty interesting.

The Billion camp, including my friend Todd Epp, has been making much ado about the availability of the Governor to discuss the important election issues at hand. Well, here's an opportunity for them to do just that with someone else directly in the fray; a farmer/rancher legislator who happens to sit on the Educational Committee.

Will Jack accept the challenge? I hope he does (and I hope it's in Pierre, so I can attend). Ryan noted to me that if Jack thinks debates will make him look more electable, then why not take on a legislator who knows the issues of education and the drought?

And the gauntlet is thrown. More to come!


Chad said…
sheesh, whoever put Todd Epp in charge of anything should NEVER be governor...
Anonymous said…
So Rounds wants to send forth his minions to attack and occupy Billion while he flies around the state campaigning? Its pretty clear, and a public disservice, that Rounds wants to limit direct dialogue with his opponent. I'm sure you made that same observation PP back in April. When Rounds debates someone other than his opponent, I'll be the first to stand up and say Billion should do the same. If Rounds has sparring partners who are good debaters, he should work with them in his own camp to prepare with his meetings with Billion.
Eric Clapton said…
Todd Epp is a good man mildly afflicted by a poor choice in political parties.

Otherwise, he rocks!
Todd Epp said…

Jack Billion is running for governor and not the legislature. Jack has answered questions from the press and from people who have emailed him concerning his drought proposals. He has talked to citizens in person about his drought proposals. If Mr. Olson wants to bring Gov. Rounds with him to help debate Jack, then Jack will be there. In the meantime, Jack will continue accepting debates with the candidates for governor.

Have a nice Sunday!

Todd Epp
Press Secretary
Billion for Governor

P.S. And Chad, there are days I would agree with you. Eric, thanks for the props.
Todd Epp said…

To clarify, I'm talking about my own performance, not Jack's. Every day I think he should be governor.

Anonymous said…
Why would a gov. candidate waste his/her last 100 days debating a non gov. candidate or incumbant? This is the most bizzare post. PP are you serious? I know the Mr. Rounds is weak and all die hard republicans must fall on the sword in order for Rounds to win but do we have to be so obvious.
chad said…
To clarify, the first person posting as "chad" is not Clean Cut Kid Chad. I would never say that.

I would encourage PP to check the IP log to verify.

Todd and I sometimes disagree, but he's certainly a competent individual.

Either someone is purporting to me or we have a new chad in the sd blogosphere.

Anonymous said…
Ryan Olson is a joke...this coming from a republican in his district. The guy would need help thinking his way out of a paper bag and likely couldn't out debate Tim Rounds, and that's a bold statement.

His challenge is a joke, that you would post it thinking it might occur is a joke, pp. Epp shouldn't waste his breath on this, though I'm sure Ryan thought he was being clever...and maybe for him, he was.

Why not have Gov. Rounds debate Casey M. on 1215? Makes as much sense. I can't believe I've wasted this much time on this post, I can never get that back. Dammit!
Anonymous said…
...and anon, 2:47, I can guarantee you no one in the Rounds adminstration would have suggested to Ryan O. that he issue this "challenge." They aren't even that dim.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Anon 5:00 PM. Olson had to be doing this of his own volition - it wouldn't make any sense for Rounds to put him up to this.
Anonymous said…
I challenge Olson to debate how stupid his challenge looks. He can take the side that it is marginally stupid. PP why don't you e-mail Olson back and ask him if he ran this one by anyone before issuing the challenge
Anonymous said…
My guess on the last anon's question would be "no." Although, Olson's wife is in the governors office, maybe she thought this up.

This whole thing is starting to look like Valerie Plame sending her husband to Niger. Kim Olson sending her farmer husband out to challenge Billion to a debate. Or was it Col. Mustard in the study with a candlestick.

Please, PP, just take this whole post down.
Anonymous said…
To anonymous and other skeptics,

The debate was offered on my own and in fact the Gov may not appreciate my attempt. Clearly the Gov is a busy man and can't have a debate every other day. Many of the comments that the Billion camp has made have not just been aimed at the Rounds Administration, but the Republicans in the Legislature. If Mr. Billion wants to be Governor, obviously he will have to deal with the the Legislature.
The fact that some people would use this forum to attack my character is pretty pathetic, especially when they won't identify themselves.
Ryan Olson
Anonymous said…
Olson's wife works for the Gov? Isn't that a conflict? Anybody know the rules on that? A legislator can't be employed by the state... can his spouse?
Anonymous said…
Nope. I don't believe so. Did we just go through that in Brookings 4 years ago?
Anonymous said…
anonymous 10:22 pm

That rule only applies to Democrats. By the way, how many wives of struggling farmers and who work for the Governor drive a $35,000 Lexus. Just one and her name is Kim.

Either Olson isn't struggling like the rest of us or the Governor is paying his staff way too much.

Yeah, Olsons really understands the stuggle of average farmer. NOT
PP said…
guys, keep it on topic.....
Notla said…
Anon 10:50 must just like to post with no regard to facts. Regarding whether a legislator or his/her spouse can be employed by the state, he stated "That rule only applies to Democrats".

The Brookings legislator referred to in an earlier post was REPUBLICAN Carol Pitts. I am assuming the rest of his post is just as meaningless.
Anonymous said…
Can she stay in her position?

And Ryan, "he'll have to deal w/the legislature."????? So, a candidate for the executive should debate an inconsequential legislator in order to show he/she is ready to hold the executive post? Did you take High School Civics???
Anonymous said…
Scroll up...Eric Clapton reads this blog! That's awesome. PP, he must be looking to you as a person who can "Change the World" for the better and make everything "Wonderful Tonight."
Anonymous said…
I have no intention of voting for Mr. Billion but the debate "challenge" with a legislator is silly. Both Mr. Billion and Gov. Rounds have enough on their plates as far as debates go to waste time with this.

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