Do we need to add "beatin' on the wimmin folk" to the statutory duties of mayor?

What is it lately? First, Belle Fourche Mayor Todd Keller is arrested and convicted of assaulting his wife. Now, according to KGFX Radio, Onida Mayor Gary Wickersham was just arrested for assaulting a man in front of the man's young daughter, and he was also arrested for subsequently assaulting the man's sister:
The Mayor of Onida is out of jail on bond, after an incident Tuesday evening in Onida, which resulted in authorities leveling two assault charges and a disorderly conduct charge against him. The Sully County Sheriff’s Office says authorities responded to the call of an assault of an Onida man in the parking lot of the Fireside Restaurant, which occurred about 8:45 p.m. that evening. Allegations are that the 54-year-old, Gary Wickersham, had assaulted another man in the presence of the victim’s young daughter.


The victim left the restaurant and reported the incident to authorities. While his report was being taken, the victim’s two sisters went to the restaurant to talk to Wickersham about what had happened and he reportedly assaulted one of the two Onida women by twisting her arm, while verbally assaulting her.


Wickersham was found a short time later and was arrested without incident. He is charged with two counts of simple assault and one count of disorderly conduct. The sheriff’s office says a court date has yet to be set for Wickersham.
Read it all here courtesy of Jeri Thomas at the the Dakota News Radio Network.

Granted, it was an arm twisting and a tongue lashing which rose to the level of assault, but is it something in the air lately? Jeez.

Is South Dakota soon to be known for mayors in need of anger management therapy? Are we going to be watching debates where the candidates for office debate in the following manner:
"I am an upstanding citizen and qualified to be your mayor because I've only been arrested for assaulting men. My opponent's arrest record only shows he qualified to fight girls. Elect a man fighter to be your mayor."

"I disagree with my opponent, because he also is on record for beating kids. It's better to assault women, than to beat kids."
After the Herseth preganacy thing, I find myself unprepared for another day of oddness in politics. Time to start loading the truck for another trek to Brookings.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Herseth pregnancy thing? Unless you can back that up you should stop refering to it. Unless you are trying to start rumors.
Anonymous said…
Yes, heaven forbid someone says something bad about your friends...its pulled quickly IF WE CAN'T BACK IT UP WITH FACTS. Now, this silly little story is out there and you keep referring to it, pp.

Well, it is your site I suppose. Go ahead, but please don't become the next sibby.
PP said…
Jeez, I just wrote it and called it crap. Now I can't refer to it in a negative fashion?

thicken up the skins, guys. (and go over to blogmore. this story is just beginning)
Anonymous said…
Wickersham wasn't beating on a woman, the fact is Amber and Lejena Johnson the sisters of Jeff Johnson who Wickersham supposedly assualted, went up to the bar with the intention of talking to Wickersham about what happened. What would you do in a situation where a person, woman or man, got in your face and screamed and yelled about a situation she wasn't at and didn't know the specifics about. Wickersham grabbed her arm and the little slut twisted around and yelled assault assault. If thats beating on someone theres alot more people would are gunna be in jail soon. Wickersham did what any reasonable person would do, in fact he should have kicked the crap out of her.
Amber Johnson, Onida SD said…
Haha! Are you guys that bored that you have to sit here and tell stories about how good Wickersham is or how bad he is? And another thing...U can sit here and say how such and such isn't true and you know what exactly was said and done...As far as I am concerned it was me that was at the fireside, it was me that Wickersham grabbed and the only comment that came out of my mouth was "Do you have something to say to me?" So I dont know where you got your made up story from but if we are suppose to write the facts you sure aren't doing a very good job. And also I am sure that Jeffrey probably knows what happened and again you were not there so why dont you quit with your "untrue" stories...and for another piece of information for you...when and where have you seen me do drugs or say i have done them, oh that must be something you have made up to cause "rochelle" i have never done them in front of you with you or even talked about it so before you keep going with your little "gossip section" have someone to back you up and don't say you do because if you were so smart and new what you were talking about you would know that I have enough fun drinking budlight and don't do the "drug" thing and as far as I am concerned you have no business talking about me having a drug problem there is others you should worry about.
Jennifer Marie said…
Just wanna say "HI JARED!" We luv you! Jennifer Marie ~N~ Matthew (AKA My LIl Sugarbutts!)
Anonymous said…
Just wanna say "HI JARED!" We luv you! Jennifer Marie ~N~ Matthew (AKA My Lil Sugarbutts!)
jared said…
I luv you two as well!!!! my lil sugabutz!!

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