Hargens offers to take Ryan Olson up on his challenge

The SDDP is busy sending out releases and posting information that Dale Hargens is offering to step in as proxy for Jack Billion, and stands ready to debate fellow Legislator Ryan Olson:
On July 29th, South Dakota state Representative Ryan Olson challenged Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dr. Jack Billion to a debate on South Dakota’s drought conditions and plans for relief. Today, House Democratic Leader Dale Hargens, Miller, challenged Representative Olson to a debate.

“If Representative Olson really wants to debate about drought conditions and what needs to be done, he can debate me,” said Hargens who operates a farm and ranch in Hand County. “Hand County is facing significant challenges. My hope is that Representative Olson is not using cheap tactics to play politics with South Dakota’s critical drought situation. However, I’d welcome the opportunity to hear some creative solutions from the Representative from Onida on how to address the current crisis.”

“Speaking of solutions, South Dakota Democrats endorsed a resolution at our 2006 state convention in Huron that addressed the drought crisis,” said Leader Hargens. “I don’t recall hearing anything of the sort from Representative Olson’s party.”
South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director Jason Schulte has agreed to organize the debate in Pierre, and provide any support necessary to facilitate the event. “Governor candidates debate governors. Representative Olson should feel honored to engage a legislative leader in an exchange of ideas in regards to the extreme challenges facing our farmers and ranchers.”
Read it here. If they have it during the week, I'll be there. I'll even go so far as to offer to tape it.

Since the original offer also included an offer to debate about education, I'll try to make sure the camera is rolling when Ryan asks Hargens about his opposition to the Denny Sanford education center.


Anonymous said…

Get your facts straight. Hargens doesn't oppose the center just naming it after the guy.

How do you propose to honor the men and women who worked in the mine all those years. They are the ones who are really making the research lab.

That's right. We should care more about the guy with deep pockets then the guy who made those pockets full ie the working class.

Let's just change the State's name from South Dakota to Sanford. At least we will finally move up on some list...the alphabetical list.
Anonymous said…
Can Olson's wife continue to work in the governors office, policy making position, while he is in the legislature??????????

Haven't some Dems been shaken down over this one?

PP, if this is a non-issue, just say so and I'll drop it.


PP said…
Anon, I'm not avoiding it, but it takes some thought.

I'd think it's allowable, since there have been a ton of spouses who worked for the state while their husbands legislated, including the current First Lady, SDSU president Dr. Robert Wagner (while Mary legislated), etc.

The difference with Carol Pitts was that she was the employee herself, as opposed to being married to one.

I think a lot has to do with the AG's interpretation of the law. Some are more strict, others are more lax.

Good question though.
Anonymous said…
Dumb and Dumberer?
Anonymous said…
Of course, there is at least one incumbent Brookings legislator whose wife still works for the university.

Noone seems to have found a conflict there.

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