That can't be good news for the Billion campaign

The Argus Leader/KELO poll is out for the gubernatorial contest. And let's just say that I'm sure the Billion camp was wishing for better results. From the Argus website:
Republican Gov. Mike Rounds would be re-elected handily if results of a new South Dakota poll were mirrored in voters’ decisions in November.

A new survey of 800 likely voters showed Rounds with a 2-1 lead over Democrat Jack Billion. The same respondents pegged abortion and education as the issues that will be most important to them in their choice for governor.

Rounds won support of 56 percent of those who were asked. Billion got 27 percent, and 17 percent were undecided. While 19 percent identified abortion and 18 percent education as the issue that would influence their choice for governor, 20 percent responded “Not sure.’’

Mason-Dixon Polling & Research of Washington, D.C. did the survey for the Argus Leader and KELO-TV. The firm contacted 800 South Dakotans by phone from July 24 through July 26. All of those who responded said they were likely to vote in November, the polling firm said.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. That means if the entire state were surveyed, 95 percent of the time the outcome would be within 3.5 percentage points either side of the poll results.
Read it all here (with pie charts).


Anonymous said…
No responses on this? I haven't seen a response on the Billion website either. I would sure like their spin on this poll.
Anonymous said…
Actually, I was glad to see that people haven't responded. I am tired of reading about him and especially his running mate. The RCJ blog is looking like the personal playground of Eric the Great, but then again he is an opportunist who is very good at self-promotion. He is probably better known by now than what's-his-name at the top of the Dem ticket.
Anonymous said…
What about Herseth over Whalen? That can't look too good for Whalen.

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