Da Rules... And I'm nowhere to be found.

It figures. I'm out of town with work on the day that they anticipate releasing the proposed rules of the special session... At least that's what the Argus is saying:
Rules and procedures for a special session of the state Senate looking into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Sen. Dan Sutton should be released Monday, a Senate leader says.

“As far as I know, they’re pretty much agreed to,” Sen. Ed Olson, R-Mitchell, said Friday.

But because state and federal offices were closed for the Veterans Day holiday Friday, he believed they wouldn’t be available until Monday.
Read it here.

Actually, I'm going to be out in the hills for the South Dakota State Quarter release. And that's ok, because this will be prtty darn neat. It's not every day you get to see something like this in SD.

I don't want to go so far as to imply it's going to be tres' cool because, lets face it. It's a coin. It's a stamped circular piece of semi-precious metals. It's not like it's the holy grail, or the gun that shot Liberty Valance.. So that kind of limits the coolness factor possibilities.

Several years ago, I had one person (who is actually now an elected official) tell me once that his coin club "rocked." No. No it doesn't. In this universe, it is virtually impossible for coin collecting to 'rock.'

Regardless, the coin release will be a noteworthy piece of South Dakota history. I hear that school kids are coming to the Black Hills for the ceremony from as far away as Pierre and Clark, so at the very least, it will be kind of cool. Not 'rocking' cool, but cool nonetheless.

I personally voted for the one with the buffalo and Mt. Rushmore, because you'd be more likely to see a buffalo out in the Black Hills than you would ever see a pheasant flying over Mt. Rushmore. Aside from the fact you don't have any pheasants in the Black Hills, you're not likely to ever see one soaring majestically over the four faces of the mount as depicted in the image.

But you know, if we all asked, maybe they'd release a few just to see what would happen.

Now that could 'rock'..

Although, I think it would be more likely that they'd be spraying the rocks with hot soapy water after it was all said and done.

So if you happen to be coming out to the Mt. Rushmore National Monument, I'll be there too. So don't look for any posting from me in the next two days. Because I'll be busy checking the sky for pheasants instead of typing.


Anonymous said…
Do you mean because the pheasants would poop all over , like the geese do at the Capitol?
Anonymous said…
Since you'll be gone, does that mean Bonnie can post and not be deleted? Or can we write in and tell who's a lesbian and not be deleted?
Bill Fleming said…
"Aside from the fact you don't have any pheasants in the Black Hills, you're not likely to ever see one soaring majestically over the four faces of the mount as depicted in the image."

Well, we had a rooster pheasant in our back yard for a few days last summer (up behind Canyon Lake in Rapid City), but I have to admit, PP, he wasn't as big as the one in the coin design. (smile)

Don't know what became of him. Maybe the turkeys ran him off... or the little pack of foxes maybe.
Anonymous said…
It does look like the pheasants are dumping on Mount Rushmore, but I voted for that design anyway. It's the two things for which South Dakota is most known.
The other two things, being dumb enough to dump Daschle and trying to pass the nation's strictest abortion ban, might be hard to replicate on a coin.
Maybe a picture of Roger Hunt and Leslee Unruh wearing dunce caps would work.
Anonymous said…
How about this for a rule...Lee Schoenbeck can't open his swarmy yap.
Anonymous said…
I think that the pheasant for east river and the faces for west river is kinda nice.

I still can't figure why they didn't split at the river and have East Dakota and West Dakota
Anonymous said…
I, and many others throughout the country always thought the two dumbest things SD ever did were 1. electing Daschle and 2. re-electing Daschle. And I'm not kidding.
Anonymous said…
Not everything is a political brochure and should not be analyzed as such. While South Dakota's coin may be a little busy, I am glad that the buffalo was not used because North Dakota and Kansas have already used it. Unlike paper currency, coins really are around forever. A thousand years from now (hopefully) people will collect South Dakota coins the way that people today collect coins with Roman emperors on them. Coins should represent noble ideals, and our state's probably does better than several other states' coins. Of course, if I were to wave a magic wand to design the coin, it would be to remove the current design and replace it with a native critter such as a coyote. The pheasant may be pretty lookin' and tasty, but it is a Chinese import...
buck30 said…
Looks like a giant Pterodactyl (sp)flying over the mount. Big problem will be the retards from east and left coast will think pheasants are 90 feet long.

ugly quarter

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