Gordo's ok, and I got kind of a compliment....

Yes, it was Representative Gordon Pederson who took a good tumble down most of the cast iron stairs from the 4th to third floors on the House side behind the speaker's lobby in the House. At the time I wrote, I didn't know his condition. So in case it was serious as I feared, I really didn't want to say anything before they could contact his wife, Betty.

In fact, I did hear from a legislator about their disgust about the Argus' initial report which named him, and left things open ended. The legislator used a term for the Argus blabbing everything before anyone knew if his wife was contacted- what was it - "something?"-holes... I forget what the first part was. And I notice that report was taken down shortly thereafter.

While I was out today, Rick Hauffe - the new man in charge over at the SDDP, was nice enough to note that Gordon seemed responsive and his usual self immediately after the fall. Thanks Rick, and I'd also offer kudos to Representative Betty Olson who went with him down to the Hospital to make sure he was ok.

True to form, Gordo showed up for session a little banged up, and not too worse for the wear. As I was told by a Legislator, he got a standing ovation when this 79 year old noted that in his long legislative career he's never missed a day.

As I'm told, he's one of three living South Dakota veterans of the troika of wars - WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. And just like a timex watch, he's shown he can take a licking and keep on ticking.


My wife told me about this other one. She was at the Pierre Airport today waiting for her return flight to Brookings. And all of a sudden, she hears the people behind her absolutely bitching about what someone had said about their bill on the day they came to town to try to drum up support for it.

I guess that they were quite mad that someone tore their bill apart on this "South Dakota War College" website. And the person said, yeah, "this guy Pat Powers supposedly has eight kids or something."

Trashing me might be one thing, but bringing the kids into it was entirely another. Luckily for them, they stopped mentioning the kids in a not so complimentary fashion in front of "Mrs. War College" (as one of the readers, BK, greeted her this AM at the Capitol). My wife almost had to turn around and introduce herself as she prepared to heap embarrassment and scorn on them.

My favorite part about all of this? Total strangers knew the website. Love me or hate me, it's all good. As long as you remember it, I don't care.

And for the haters, I would point out that on several occasions, I've been more than happy to provide space for differing views. If they hated it, they should have nicely asked to offer an opposing view.

Otherwise, it's been an eventful day, and like most others, I remain glad that Gordo is ok.

And it's 6 1/2 kids at the moment, thank you very much.


Anonymous said…
Gordo says this was the worst he'd been hurt since a grenade blew up next to him in the war! No kidding!
Anonymous said…
I can almost guess who the "trashers" were, but I won't speculate. I wish your wife had introduced herself..would be interesting to see if they had any class and would apologizel
Anonymous said…
How's betty's open fields legislation coming along?

Glad Gordo's ok. Tell him to take the elevator. As to the "trashers", you should never speak loudly in SD because somebody's cousin is probably standing right next to you.
Anonymous said…
The grenade that exploded behind him blew him into a hole and wounded three other guys, if I have the story right. Gordo helped the medics get the others loaded before they realized that most of the blood was coming from Gordo, so they loaded him too. Surgeons dug over two hundred chucks of metal from his back and his arms.

How he managed to fall end over end down that long metal staircase and not break a bone is a miracle! He sure is banged, bloodied and bruised though and I'm pretty sure he's not walking very well today, if at all. But he claims to be more embarrassed than anything else.
Anonymous said…
as far as the trahers go, any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right!
Unknown said…
What kind of stuff do you imagine my wife hears? My children?

Some of it's accurate. A lot of it is the sort of thing said by "anonymous" on this blog.
Anonymous said…
Newland, congratulations on being mentioned on the floor of the Senate earlier this week. Tom Katus speculated aloud about something you ingest.

While I never agree with you, it was a cheap shot from the abyss. Truly, Katus is Klassless.
Unknown said…
Why was Katus talking about pork tenderloin?

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