My Favorite Things

As someone obsessed with South Dakota politics, I've got all the political weblogs bookmarked, and I visit some more than others.

As far as regular websites go, there's a few websites that I can't live without for the information that they provide at my fingertips. I can't recommend these highly enough.

Follow the Money - Sure, you can find information from FEC reports at the drop of a hat, but where do you go to find state donations indexed? Right here. Easy to use, filterable on any level, if you're doing research on a person, here's where you want to be.

Politics1 - South Dakota - more for a chuckle than anything serious and newsbreaking, you can shill for your favorite candidate or non-candidate and get their name on the list. (and I used to have that McGovern Pin. Got good money for it on eBay too.)

Political Money Line - FEC information at your fingertips. The one, the only.

Environmental Working Groups Farm Database - OK, they're not on my mailing list, and I sure as heck am not on their's. But this database is just too cool for seeing who's getting payments and how much.

ABYZ News Links - South Dakota - Practically everything in the state at your fingertips. Newspapers, TV, etc. Some excellent compilation sites too! Big News Network is the one I review daily.

Secretary of State Information Access System - Need to get ahold of your opponent's campaign filing from last election? No phone calls or copying fees needed. (wish I had that in 1988 & 90)

The Way Back Machine - Can't find that webpage from last election? Use the wayback internet website indexing site and find your opponent's old comments and position papers to beat them over the head with.


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