The Official SD War College T-Shirt

The Official SD War College T-Shirt is here!

You know, I've shamelessly promoted candidates for years. By God, I'm going to shamelessly promote my weblog now, and do it in class, and in style.. Forget it. I'm just going to do a t-shirt.

They are printed on top quality 100% Cotton Pre-shrunk Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts, and are the "First ever official South Dakota weblog" t-shirts

Available for purchase at $10 and that includes tax and shipping. These are hand crafted by me - not the people who did the STD shirts or the F*** John Thune Shirts.

I was going to set up a pay-pal link, but it's way too complicated. So send your payments to:

Hiorbit Screenprinting (Attn: PP)
235 West Broadway
Pierre, SD 57501

Please specify number of shirts and sizes of each when (if) you order. If you order 100 or more, you'll have to give me a couple days to get more blank shirts in.

(If you want your own shirts, let me know, and you can have the "Second ever official South Dakota weblog T-Shirt"


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