My head must be swelling.

No, my three year old son is not playing his Bob the Builder tape for the 4th time tonight (with Scoop, Muck, and Dizzy…. and Rolly, too.) But I did have a nice compliment today from Tony Mangan, who said he enjoyed reading my weblog. He saw it noted on SD Watch, and started reading. (My wife says there are 11 people reading my blog now).

Tony Mangan, KCCR Radio news director has been kicking around the political scene in Pierre for a lot of years, starting at the local newspaper, the Capitol Journal, going up to the Capitol in the Governor’s office working on Press, and then back to the private sector as news director for KCCR.

Tony does a very good job of covering state government, and I think his time working for the state gave him good insight on the internal politics of government. I don’t think time in the system is a bad thing for news people. I think it helps you write a more balanced piece if you spend some time on the DARK SIDE (insert Darth Vader-ish breathing noise here).

Also, in case you missed it (and this is a weblog I check daily) Clean Cut Kid, made a nice mention on his weblog regarding this blog today. I appreciate it. While I'm certain we don't agree politically, it doesn't prevent us from reading with what each other has to say. Thanks for the comments.

Oh, and to my wife (who will be referred to as MP from here on out), now there's 12 readers.


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