Wilbur, this is my Magnum Opus. Now pass the glaze.

If you remember the book or movie "Charlotte's Web", you will remember Charlotte the spider describing her egg sac as her magnum opus. Of course, nowadays when I watch it with my girls, I see Wilbur the pig and he makes me long for a meal of country cured & smoked ham in all it's salty goodness. Mmmmmmm.

Returning to topic... You know, I've done website design before web design was cool, and unfortunately, technology has quickly outpaced me. I've got 6 kids, and in addition to the HTML I taught myself, I'm supposed to learn Flash, Java, and a ridiculous host of programs? Nah. Don't have the time.

I had a website business once, and as time has gone by, I've rid myself of my clients, and shut it down. But I still get tapped to do projects.

I'm finishing up what I would consider the best I've ever done. Not for the technology - it's intentionally low tech. The raw emotion that it elicits astonishes me. I've always considered myself a techie, but god forbid, it's what I would consider my most artistic work. My Magnum Opus.

If you have any connection to the Vietnam War, get your hankie out before you watch. Please take a moment to view the slideshow, and feel free to pass the link around to your friends.

*UPDATE* And yes, there's a couple of bugs in it. Within the next week or so, it's being converted to Flash. ;(


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