It's official. DTSD Secretary Jim Hagen has gone Crazy

Not Crazy-nuts. Crazy Horse. At least according to the article in today's Rapid City Journal:

Hagen to raise funds for memorial

CRAZY HORSE MEMORIAL - Crazy Horse Memorial’s first nationwide fund drive will be headed by Jim Hagen, who announced last week that he is resigning as secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism and Economic Development.

Hagen will leave his state job Jan. 17 to join Crazy Horse Memorial as national campaign manager in mid-February, a news release from Crazy Horse said.

“Jim Hagen has been a longtime friend and supporter of the Crazy Horse dream,” Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation chief executive and president Ruth Ziolkowski said. “He tells the Crazy Horse story with passion and conviction and will do a wonderful job in leading our national fundraising campaign efforts. We are very excited about what his involvement will mean for helping to bring the Crazy Horse dream closer to reality.”

Read it all here. And congratulations Jim. That sounds like a pretty cool job.


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