Roadtrip Confirmed. Watch this space for a report

I've got my video camera charged up, my tripod is in the truck, and I'm currently putting a charge on the laptop I'm borrowing. I've got one wingman arranged to go with me, and I'm putting pressure on another to sneak out of town with us.

So, watch this post for updates on the Haverly-Apa-Napoli forum. I have my fingers crossed that there's a wireless connection to allow ongoing posts, but if not, at the very least, I'll file a report as soon as I get back to Pierre later tonight, which will be around Midnight-1am if I'm lucky.

Shortly thereafter, unless my video camera goes on the fritz, there might be video as early as Thursday night.

So, set your bookmarks right here for a report on what I hope is the best show in town.


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