Rapid City gossip and damnable inspiration

I'm back at it after a restless night's (at least all 4 1/2 hours of it) sleep. I'm not going to get into the details of last evenings meeting just yet, as I need time to think and have caffeine pumped into my system.

But there are a few things that had me restlessly tossing and turning from last night. One was that this statement might not be 100% accurate:
“I’m not looking to build primary fights. If I have one, I’ll fight it and win, but I’m not going to worry about somebody else losing in the primary.”
Yes, that quote. I got a huge amount of information about the rumored goings-on behind the scenes in that anticipated Napoli-McCoy primary contest. Out of courtesy, I'll have to check with those who spoke with me in reference to how much I can blab about. But let's leave it at that for the moment.

At last night's meeting, it was also noted that petitions are starting to be taken out from county auditors. While the Secretary of State's office will never fess up (to my chagrin) about who has taken out election petitions from their office (they'll only tell who has turned them in), county auditors are more than happy to note who has taken petitions for circulation.

And before I hit the showers to start a brand new day, I was driving back last night with Senator Greenfield who came up with such a clever play on words - so devastatingly clever - that it's worthy of a t-shirt. I'm going to come up with a prototype on behalf of the candidate whose name he twisted into something I'm going to turn into a "must have t-shirt."

I am inspired, and it will tie in well to the campaign. If everything goes ok, I'll deliver it during the legislative session, and at that time feature it on the blog.


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