Uhh, just shaddup about that.
Deadwood Mayor Gags Commission

I think they are starting to realize that someone committed an oops.

Deadwood Historic Preservation Committee directed to keep mum by Mayor

By Marla Loken
Lawrence County Journal Correspondent, Deadwood

Under direction from Deadwood Mayor, Francis Toscana, Deadwood's Historic Preservation Commission members are not making any public comment concerning the city’s probe into the demolition last weekend of two historic Deadwood Main Street buildings.

The two structures located in the 500 block of Main Street were allegedly taken down by the buildings' owner, Gene Johner. A written overview dating back to August 2003 that chronicled the city's dealings with the buildings in question was submitted to Deadwood City Commissions by Jim Wilson, Historic Preservation director.

In the overview it is stated that Johner had obtained permission to remove the building adjacent to the Wing Tsue building, but was repeatedly informed by historic preservation staff “to retain as far as possible the fa├žade on the north building and to maintain and restore the Wing Tsue Building.”

(Read it all here) This comes off as one of those "oh crap" moments, when they realized what had happened. In other articles, it's been mentioned that this could get the City of Deadwood in trouble because of historical preservation requirements.

If a final report is made public, it will be interesting to see if this develops into a further thunderstorm. It may just be the stumble that anti-gambling foes have been waiting to pounce on.

Deadwood has been a phenomenal success story, and it's hard to argue that gambling has done this town wrong. But inevitably, I suspect some are going to try.


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