Majority and Minority Reports
And Contraception

We've been hearing so much about the Final Report of the Task Force to Study Abortion and the group of people who left the meeting, I thought I'd hunt down the reports that they are presenting to the legislature. Just in case you were wondering, click here for the minority report from those who bailed on the committee, and click here for a copy of the official report. (At least I think this is the report. There's not a lot of references to it on the net at the moment).

What brings this on? There's an AP article in the Rapid City Journal about how those who bailed out on the committee were complaining that there were amendments to the document after they walked out.

I don't think we've heard the end of all this by a long shot.

Speaking of solving problem pregnancies, there was an another article on the topic in the Rapid City Journal this AM:
The snickers and jokes are getting a little old for Mike Forrette.

Forrette, a member of Rapid City’s deer task force, is a strong supporter of using a contraceptive drug instead of hunting as a more humane means to control the city’s urban deer population.“I have people asking me if I have condoms for the deer.

It was funny the first 900 times,” Forrette said.

How about we shoot them and eat them? And tell people to stop feeding them in their yards.

It's just getting a little too weird to blog this Sunday afternoon.


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